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What Are Chat Bots and Why YOU Need Them In 2019 and Beyond

mobile phone 1917737 1920 980x470 - What Are Chat Bots and Why YOU Need Them In 2019 and Beyond

tablet black friday sale 4460x4460 300x200 - What Are Chat Bots and Why YOU Need Them In 2019 and Beyond


We have various levels of chatbot services and you can get a basic chatbot up and running quickly for $200. This is a typical chatbot you will see on many pages of the big companies and corporations out there. These are 100% effective and useful and have proven to work.
If you want to have some upgrades and use one of the extreme features we offer, you can upgrade the order at $50 per feature. For example, you get a basic chatbot for customer service and add in an exit pop-up feature. You would pay $250. Each additional feature is another $50.

Is There A Guarantee?

Yes, there is. We will support the initial app that you have contracted for over the next year. Thereafter, we would apply a maintenance cost to upgrade or edit the chatbot. If you want some changes to the chatbot during the year guarantee, there would be a service fee of $50.

Note that we also offer volume discounts. Let’s say you want a specialized chatbot for a particular page or offer. You may have a different chatbot on your homepage for basic information gathering or customer support. If you purchase 2 apps at one time, the second will be offered at half price.

This means that for $300, you will get access to 2 app setups with a guarantee of one year. For each, any changes or other services (i.e. adding an extreme feature) would incur a $50 charge. We will track your account and you will have access as well.


mobile phone 1917737 1920 300x200 - What Are Chat Bots and Why YOU Need Them In 2019 and Beyond

So What Are You Waiting For?

This is a good question! There is no reason to not get your own chatbot in place today. We have a team that specializes in creating these for you, and there is no industry or purpose that we cannot handle (as long as it is legal). Contact us today and let’s get you started!

Here is our link to demos of some chatbots that we have prepared to show you some of the possibilities you have working with us: CHATBOT DEMOS

If you are ready to get started you can fill out the forms we have to onboard you and set up an appointment (directly under the form) and we will get you started! Here is the link to CHATBOT APPLICATION FORM

We will see you on the inside!


The SMART IM Chat Bot Services Team


52 thoughts on “What Are Chat Bots and Why YOU Need Them In 2019 and Beyond

  1. This article is a must read for everyone who really wants his or her business to grow . I’m very sure there are some who do not know anything about this chatbot like me until I read this post and it will be useful for me ,so others can also benefit I will take it upon myself to rebroadcast this article. Thanks for sharing this information.

    • Hi, Lok…

      Yes, these chatbots are new to many people and businesses, and to a large degree, this is an untapped market for large segments of the populations in many countries. We aim to offer affordable chatbots to the small and medium-sized companies so they can compete with the big corporations.

      We aim to open the eyes of people and businesses to the advantages that chatbots offer, and over time, as our portfolio grows, they will be able to see real examples (demos only) of different chatbots that we have created for clients.

      It is our hope that the SMART IM Chatbot Service becomes a well-regarded name in the industry, and our team is ready and willing to work hard to make this happen! We know the value of the chatbot applications and want to help as many businesses as possible.


      The SMART IM Chatbot Services Team    

  2. wow, how educational is this post?  I didn’t even know such a thing existed… I feel like I would have missed out in a lot without reading your post.

    my first thought before I get to the answer below in your page was that this would be expensive but to my surprise is not.

    I’ll definitely be going to put this in my business plan needs.


    • Hi, Carmen & Ben…

      Yes, the chatbots are getting more and more reasonable in price these days, and they are not just for the big companies and brands like not so long ago. We have worked hard to bring the power of chatbots to the masses through our team.

      There are just so many uses of the chatbots, and with the lower costs, you can add in two or more for different goals you may have for your business. You can track results and fine-tune them to get even better results. It is like having an extra employee.


      The SMART IM Chatbot Services Team

  3. Hello

    I’ve used some really good chatbots, that weren’t really chatbots. The really good ones were probably instant messagers that when to ‘call centers’.

    I think the big issue with chatbots is that, since they’re not AI (not an actual person) they cannot answer questions ‘laterally’. So, if you’re looking for a useful answer you have to be very patient. I can believe the 55% interested in messaging apps, but I think they suggest this to interact with someone not something. 🙂

    I would definitely consider myself a bit old-school and I find chatbots annoying and I avoid them like the plague, but that’s just me (or maybe not).

    Much like searching a pdf versus flipping through an actual book, you have to know what you’re looking for…i.e. you need to know the jargon.

    As times progress, I will try to keep an open mind, but my experience with chatbots hasn’t been very good (clearly).



    • Hi, Dave…

      Thanks for adding your perspective and opinion to the subject, it is valued by us and we like the opportunity to respond. Most certainly the chatbot revolution is something that is a big change in how businesses can interact with their clients, and it will not sit well with everyone.

      I think back to the customer support that really was customer annoyance when trying to contact a company through the phone. The options, select an option, wait, select another option, wait, and so on in a seemingly unending series of choices before you could speak to a real person was maddening.  

      The chatbots handle this in a more personable manner, and in some cases, you have voice and avatars that are used (not for ours). These are more friendly and get you to the end point faster and if the question/answer flow is set up properly, the human you talk to if needed is ready to help with your problem more quickly.

      Hopefully, as the chatbots get more sophisticated your issues will get addressed and they become even more responsive and intuitive so the client feels that they are not wasting their time. The many positives outweigh the negatives, but that does not mean that chatbot creators can rest on their laurels.

      Much like pop-ups and exit pop-ups, there is a segment of people that will never like them. The thing is, they work, and that is why you still see various versions being used to this day. Much like pop-ups, I see the chatbots as evolving to become less intrusive for those that choose to avoid them.


      The SMART IM Chatbot Services Team

  4. Hi, something I’ve always wanted to know about chatbots is about how much work you need to do up front to make sure you have the right information from which the chatbot draws its responses from. I assume you need to have lots of knowledge articles (or relevant information – not sure if the term ‘knowledge articles’ is correct). Does your service help to draw out all of the information we need to be inputting in to ensure that good responses come from the chatbot? Because I guess the chatbot is only as good as the information it can draw from? Also what the “IM” part mean? I don’t I saw that referenced in the article or I may have missed it.

    Thanks, this is really interesting and I can imagine that pretty much everything soon will involve chatbots. I have started to see it used in surveys where a respondent answers a question, and the chatbot follows up to really drill down on the response to tease out further information. It’s very effective.

    • Hi, Melissa…

      Thanks for popping through and asking such good questions. These really help get the rest of the story out there for readers looking for chatbot solutions! 

      – Work to Create the Chatbots? The work really is in feeling out what the goal is for each chatbot you create. This means that it is important to determine the outcome(s) you are looking for, then determining the right questions and options that the user can select to get the answers.

      In our case, for our own use and for the clients, we go through a worksheet (I will be posting an article on this) that will help whittle down the many areas that can be addressed using a chatbot to one or two. Then a series of questions can be added to the greeting and personal touches and then further questions based on the answers selected to get to the goal.

      – Service Process to Create Chatbots? This sheet is the starting point that will be followed up either with an email or a phone call to further refine the needs of the client. At some point, the client will have a mind map of the entire sequence that will be added to the chatbot and can approve or make final changes.

      Also, in addition to the final product, statistics can be used to further refine the chatbot to make it more useful for the client and to the users. The client will have the option to add in their own tracking pixel (i.e. Facebook, Google, etc.) so they can track the usage, or we can use our tools for this.

      – What Does IM Mean? In our case, it means internet marketing. We have a brand called SMART IM Tools and under that umbrella brand name, we have a whole host of products, tools, and services that we are launching to the public.  

      This includes training courses, lists, and guides for business use (especially useful for an online business), and even video creation and editing tools, plus more. As the year goes on, we are growing each through adding in departments and teams to take care of each.

      Chatbots are getting more and more sophisticated and the uses are many. Everything from customer support to lead generation can be done by these chatbots, and they do not require sleep, no pay, and they do not complain when things get busy.

      Of course, there will always be a place for real human beings in the sales and support process, but the one-on-one can be turned from a general conversation to more quickly providing the exact help or service that the user is looking for.

      Our SMART IM Chatbot Team is set to offer the services that business owners may not want to get involved in or not have the time to get involved in. We have an onboarding process that will make it possible to quickly create the chatbots the clients are looking for.

      As opposed to a site such as ManyChat, the client will not have to do all the work to create the chatbot and they also will be able to see how effective their chatbot is, and can adjust the flow of questions and answers to make it more effective (if they choose this level of service).

      Thanks again for these really pertiment questions, I think a lot of people will appreciate that you have asked them!


      The SMART IM Chatbot Team

  5. Thanks for this educative piece. The use of chat bot is gaining more popularity,and in the coming years, more companies would likely explore them the more. Going by all those stats you listed, a lot of organizations are getting values from their investment in chat bot. Every company with an online presence would greatly benefit from chatbot, especially those that offers 24/7 services to customers. I have heard of chat bot, but have not used it before. It is good to hear that your chat bot apps comes with a year guarantee and you are willing to accept half pay for two apps.Great piece

    • Hi, Tolu…

      Yes, the chatbot service we are offering is actually on the low end in the market, but since we are just out of the starting gate, we want to grow the business as quickly as possible and gain a foothold in the market share that is out there.

      Think of the millions of small businesses that are out there that do not have a chatbot but could use one out there. I am talking about everything from a barbershop to a landscaping operation. Lawyers, restaurants, beauty shops, and virtually every business could use a chatbot.

      This is why we are quite excited to offer this service to the markets in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere across the globe. Our team can handle this level of business easily, and we will expand as the business grows.

      Thanks for popping through, and have a great day!


      Dave : )

  6. I can see chatbots becoming even more popular and it is good to see just how exactly they work. Can they do more complex tasks like if it needed to look at a customers account or a bank account to see any suspicious activity for example. If a customer didn’t receive a product or it was damaged in the post, would they be able to sort the refund through the chatbot?

    • Hi, Eden…

      Good questions and let me try to answer them all. I would say that the chatbot would be able to narrow down the subject of the query and then point the user to the right department or contact for the matter. In the cases you refer to, I know that myself, I would want to have a live person handle the problem.

      This means that a chatbot would ask some questions, determine the department, then pass the user on to that person working the department for a live chat or a call. That would be possible. Of course, that is just my feeling on the matter.

      I will use ourselves as an example. The e-commerce side of the business has a total of 20 e-commerce stores in various niches. When we get a chatbot user response for any one of them, we will be able to see the store, the problem, the person, and then take action as may be required.

      Since we have so many stores, it would help to have a heads up before we ever spoke to the person with the query. It would speed up the process and also show the person who is asking for help that we have out stuff together.

      I do not think chatbots will ever replace completely a human being and the interface that is required between people at times. The chatbot system is a far cry from the old dial 2 for this, dial 3 for that, etc. that you used to have with a telephone query.



  7. Thank for this review on what are chat bots and why you need them. I do find  this article so informative and educative on many ways and how chat bots can help me in the problems I feel with my customers and am sure many will find it helpful too

     one of the reason I will like to use this chat bot is  to support and scale my online affiliate marketing business 

    • Hello, Ajibola…

      Indeed, the chatbots will help you grow your online affiliate marketing business faster, and also provide real value to your clients. This can be done while making your job easier as well. It is a win-win for both sides of the selling proposition.

      Added to that is the service that out SMART IM Chatbot Services team offers to clients is a no-brainer. We work directly with business owners to onboard the clients and get a clear picture of what their needs may be, then build a unique chatbot script around this.

      We also offer follow-on service to report statistics, update the chatbots, and provide other guidance to help make sure their chatbots remain effective for the long haul. We want to provide such service, as when you do that, it leads to more business (and success for the clients).


      Dave : ) 

  8. Hello once again The SMART IM Chat Bot Services Team,  thanks for sharing this excellent opportunity about chatbox, I actually gone through first post about the chatbox and I asked few questions under the comments sections. Although u have just done justice to how I can use it to grow my business here in this article but I still need answers to other question in asked, thanks

    • Hello, Yormith…

      Please have a look at the other response to your questions asked. This post further identifies the reasons for using Chatbots for your online business. There are other options that will save you money, but cost you time. Time to deploy, time to maintain, time to work out how to write the scripts, etc.

      Many marketers prefer to spend their time focusing on what they do best: selling. The time to get effective chatbots up and running is yet another time-sucking skill that some prefer to outsource. This is where the SMART IM Chatbot Team comes in.

      We have the expertise to quickly get chatbots up and running, we can track results, and we can tweak them as may be indicated or requested by the clients we work with. The time and stress saved is well worth the investment for many business owners.

      Our prices are quite competitive as well. We are the most reasonable for stand up and maintenance fees, plus we have a massive support team that is ready to provide close one-on-one service to our clients as opposed to a more impersonal service that many platforms offer. 


      Dave : )

  9. Excellent writeup about importance of chatbots and why my business needs them. I learnt much from your last post and I guess this really shed more spotlight on the uses. I’m overwhelmed by the importance you listed and those points really did a good one in convincing me about chatbot, I think I’m gonna give it a shot. Thanks for the information. 

    • Hello, Ayodeji…

      Thanks for the kind words and we are very positive that a lot of businesses can be helped if they add chatbots to their features. It can help their employees and processes, and it will be adding to the user experience for their clients or prospects.


      Dave : )

  10. Chatbots are relatively new to most people and I think they are a big sector that its advantages have just been realised. They are really of great help and helps to gather automatic information from different users effectively. I have come across them and I have been interested but I thought they were mostly for big companies. The smart IM chatbox will be a great tool but the its cost seems high for me 

    • Hi, Aweda…

      Thanks for your thoughts and feedback on the subject of chatbots and as you say, the cost may seem to be high. Remember that this is a market where businesses regularly spend large amounts on ads and marketing of one sort or another.

      They may be paying for traffic to their website, or perhaps paying an influencer to promote their service or products, and I can assure you that the cost we are offering the chatbot service at is a low price when compared to the competition.

      I understand that the cost may still seem high to you, but for such business owners, the cost is well within budget. The quality of the chatbot and the service will be big factors in how their business will prosper so it is a great investment.


      Dave : )

  11. This is an educative post that can help business to grow. Am getting to know chatbots through this post, I almost ignore the post thinking it will be of high price to get the chatbots. This can help business in reduction of man effort. I can’t hesitate to get one chatbots for a start of my business.thanks

    • Hi, Adamu…

      The price for the bots that we offer at first glance may be more than some people would think is fair, but I assure you we are at the bottom end of the price range for the service that SMART IM Chatbots offer. Our price is half and we provide more benefits and features than some.

      This is where we want to be as well because we want to have as many people and businesses as possible adopt and use the chatbots that we create for them. So far there has been no outcry of unhappiness or rage hehe, and we think we are in the right place with our program.


      Dave : )

  12. Wow! Awesome in formation.

    This is a very expository piece and I like the way you outlined the review on smart IM chatbots. This evolution of chatbots tonaid human and computer interaction is really growing rapidly and gaining more popularity. Smart IM chatbots would be a wonderful tool as am much convinced having read through this wonderful article.

    • Hi, Michael…

      Thanks for stopping by and checking out our new website and post. Most certainly you are right about the future of chatbots and how they will be used in the future is only limited by our imagination and creativity. The team we have built has been put together to assist people in their quest to start using chatbots for their business.

      We will be adding to our portfolio as time goes on and more and more customers work with us, and also we are working to add new ways to use chatbots to increase engagement and also grow people’s business. It is an exciting time for online marketing, and we aim to be in the middle of it all!


      Dave : )

  13. Chatbots are becoming really popular by the second. It’s very good to have a chatbot because it helps in interaction with your audience, and can specifically direct them to their needs. Chat bots also help give your business a professional and friendly feel.

    However, I’m a bit worried about the work that goes into the creation. After paying for your services, would I also need to write the dialogue for the chat bot? I can imagine that the bot will only say what has been put into it, and this must really be strenuous. Expecting to hear from you soon.

    • Hi, Louis…

      These chatbots are scripted and sequences are set up by us, so all you need to do is tell us what you would like to have and we design it per your requirements. This is the beauty of working with the SMART IM Chatbot Services Team…

      We even take care of ensuring they are maintained if the monthly plan is selected…We also provide monthly usage stats. Please have a look at the plans and see if there is one that would fit. The intent is to take the pain out of using chatbots, yet being able to leverage the power they bring to your online or offline business.

      If you look at the demo page (this links to a number of demos in various niches or areas of interest to a typical online marketer), you can run through and see how they work. Note these are just demos, the flow is shown and the variety of ways to deploy are shown.


      Dave : ) 

  14. I came across chat Bots late 2017 when I was handling a cryptocurrency airdrop and bounty. As at then, very few blockchain projects used chat Bots and we knew getting such will prove to our investors how serious and how committed we are in making sure our investors have good ROI on the investment. The bot helped us alot and made our project outstanding. 

    I believe every organization needs a bot

    • Hello, Sammy…

      Thanks for sharing your experience with chatbots! It sounds like they made a big difference for your business. I know that I have used them on different sites in the past with mixed success. These were the early versions that did not have near the versatility that you can get these days.

      The SMART IM Chatbot Services Team works with 4 different platforms to create the chatbots for our own websites and for clients. This gives us maximum flexibility as we create the chatbot that most closely matches the requests of the clients.

      Indeed, I think every organization needs one too, like you. The problem has been two-fold for many companies. They do not have the time or expertise to create the scripts and set up the sequences in a manner that flows naturally and secondly, they do not want to add to their already busy plate of tasks.

      It can be easier to outsource the mission and have it designed by experts. That is faster, easier, and when considering the time saved, well worth the expense for the initial creation expense, and the small monthly subscription fee is minimal.

      Thanks for stopping by and please do stop in again, your input is useful and helpful to us all!


      Dave : ) 


  15. The use of chatbots is becoming more popular as the day passes. I have come across some sites making use of chatbots and I have to say that the idea is really cool. It creates an interaction with a visitor and this can actually lead to aan n increasie in sales.

    Not a lot of people are able to know that it is a chatbot and actully feel they arechatting with an actual human. This is a must have for online entreprenuers as it can make their businesses easier to manage.

    • Hello, Jay…

      Yes indeed, they sure are. The more I do Google searches, the more agencies I see that are offering similar services to what the SMART Chatbot Team is offering to clients. Our is cutting edge and ahead of them right now, but most certainly we will have stay on our toes!

      We will be working hard to get the word out to the populations in the biggest 12,000 cities across the globe, so I sure that our target audiences (small businesses mainly) will never dwindle, especially of we offer more at a better price than competitors do!


      Dave : )

  16. These chatbox are new to many people and businesses and I appreciate the fact that you have shared an indepth knowledge about this services.  I also tried to use the chatbox on your website which I found very interesting. Obviously its pros outweighs its cons which makes it much more recommendable. I think its high time I share this article with friends and family in order to know about this services.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Hi, Wealthfather…

      Not sure at what time you checked out the chatbot on this page, but I switched out to the avatar and audio version yesterday. The new version offers some very unique features that you will not find anywhere else (although they will be rolling out over time, so eventually you may find other agencies that will provide similar chatbots).

      We are very upbeat about how well the chatbots will be received, as on the first day we received 30 orders fo chatbots for websites (one per website so far, but we can deploy more if the client needs this). That is a good indicator that there is a demand.

      Please do share and have them ask any questions they may have about chatbots. I will continue to post in the blog section as I discover more insights about chatbots, and also post interesting updates about how they are being used, etc.


      Dave : )

  17. I think the chat box innovation, is simply brilliant! It brings fun to the table! Not having to fill forms or tick boxes, but instead chatting with your computer! That’s brilliant, that’s, fun that’s amazing! 

    Although, I still have cold feet using chat boxes, but with the enlightenment I’m getting from your articles, my cold feet, are thawing effectively, and then I’d jump in with both feet and access all the best, chat boxes can offer. 

    just out of curiosity, who invented chat boxes, was it Mark Zuckerberg? 

    Also, do chat boxes have any possibility of making mistakes or being inefficient in anyway? 

    • Hello, Peace!

      I like the analogy you use, cold feet are a terrible thing, need some socks to cover them up! The chatbots that SMART Chatbots Services offer is new and innovative. They are cutting edge, and no one else in the market can do what they do at the moment.

      This will change over time, of course, so we will continue to stay ahead of the curve as much as possible (I will have my ear to the ground). As far as who invented the chatbots, I am not sure, I think there have been several entities working on them for quite a while.

      As artificial intelligence becomes more advanced and finds more uses in the daily tasks that we see being done around us, it is likely that many jobs will be going away, almost like the coal miner jobs have. This is not necessarily a bad thing, because of new jobs that will be created, and likely whole industries.

      One of the beautiful things about chatbots is that due to the manner they are put together, they are much more accurate than a real human might be. They have a set of trigger words and phrases that will cause a sequence to start, and since you program this process, it will be the same each time.

      Where the error may come in is in the person who builds that chatbot. If the links are not working, if the flow is not set up properly, or perhaps the right questions are not asked, the chatbot may not provide the solution that the user is looking for.

      This is why SMART Chatbots Services is there. Our job and experiences are such that the mistakes are minimized, and most certainly we will save the client a considerable amount of time with setting up, maintenance, and making sure that all things are working properly…


      Dave : )

  18. I appreciate your review on chat bot. No doubt that chat bot will be effective in sustaining the communication between company and its customers. This will also go a long way in making an organization grow as the success of a business organisation depends on how strong the communication is with the customers. I am foreseeing larger percentage of organizations in the world would be high user of chat bot by 2022. My question is can chat bot provide details of account status for the customer?  

    • Hi, Olalekan…

      The chatbots can be programmed to do many things and this why they are so useful. Part of the process of onboarding the clients is an interview where we will be asking just what they want to use the chatbot for. It could be that the solution might call for a couple of chatbots on a site, which is no problem.

      The question you have regarding a client’s account can be handled by a chatbot…Simply adding in a link to the script that will take them to their account page would do it. That, as well as any other location you want to send them, is possible.

      One of the reasons we offer a variety of chatbot formats is that some clients will not want to have an avatar or personal spokesperson, perhaps for design reasons they will want only the chat box and script. We will also likely have other clients that only want the avatar and audio, but no chatbot. We can do it…

      This is why I am so positive about the whole chatbot niche, it really has legs for almost every person who has a website. We can offer tailor-made solutions and then maintain the chatbot plus provide statistics on the chatbots that we install.


      Dave : )

  19. Hi Dave, greeting from Zayn.

    Absolutely Chatbot is the app that all kind of companies must-have to streamline the interactions between people and your products or services. This greatly enhances the customer experience process, improve operational efficiency and is working 24/7 for you.

    Now my company is using Chatbot and seeing 50% ROI in just a couple of weeks. I optimized the trends is on the increase.

    I will recommend some of my clients who need a chatbot sequence service to you. Remember to buy some Starbucks coffee for me.

    Best wishes to your business endeavor.


    • Hello, Zayn…

      Glad that you have stopped by. Did you ever get the affiliate commission issue straightened out for the products that I purchased through your link? I wrote an email to the creator of the product and not sure if any fix was provided (I sent it through an email).

      That 50$ increase is very impressive and it is not atypical I am finding. We are using them on our e-stores and I am adding more as we get them ready to go by each website. It is taking a while, as we have a total of 20 stores! Also we are adding them to other sites, and for customers as well (we already have some happy customers!). 

      Please stop by again, exciting things happening in the chatbot world, and some include Facebook Messenger and some not (I am a bit leery of counting totally on one platform that I do not control). Great to hear from you again!


      Dave : )

    • Thank you for your concern, Dave.

      I have written twice to the vendor but both times they have rejected my appeal. It was my mistake. l am really appreciated your support and wish to extend my sincere apology for any inconvenience caused.

      Anyway, my friend, Bryan Dulaney is giving away a Golden Ticket USB Drive filled with Four (4) tried-and-true Everlasting Funnels – One 7-figure Expert Funnel, One 7-figure eCommerce Funnel, and a 7 and 8-figure Digital Agency funnel… fully mapped out with every single funnel page, email, and script…along with “behind-the-scenes” expert video training… 100% FREE. All he asks is you pay the small shipping/handling fee ($9.95) so he can get it to your doorstep. No catches!!!

      Dave, I am confident it will help your 20 eStores. He only offers 500 USB, first come first serve basis. Please order using this link:

      Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

      Best wishes

      • Hi, Zayn, I am so sorry that the vendor will not honor the payment to you as you really earned it. I will drop a line again to see what might be done. As you can see, we are up and running with these chatbots and they are taking off. So far we have 30 in the queue to be installed, and more orders coming. It makes sense as the options we have will cover any circumstance.

        Regarding your friend and his offer for $9.95, the USB is not something I really need or am interested in. Is there an option to just get the content without the USB? That might make more sense for me. Perhaps you can speak with the author and see what he thinks? It does sound like he has had remarkable success…

        Another question would be are they set up to work only with Clickfunnels? I see that he is a 6-figure seller of Clickfunnels so my guess is they are. I do not use that platform, it is much more than I need with Builderall and Wealthy Affiliate and a couple of other platforms I use. The funnels and etc. again sound interesting though for sure.

        Let me know on the USB thing, and as I said, I will contact the seller one more time regarding payment of your commission!

        Dave : )

  20. Great post and good info. 

    Honestly, I was never a fan of chat bots, but lately I came to the conclusion if you want to have a successful business online, you need it. 

    It saves a lot of time, which you can invest more in your business. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing it, it gives a good insight into it! 

    • Hi, Emmanuel!

      I totally agree with you that I was never a fan of chatbots in the past, but they really are effective. In the short time I have had one on this page I have had 241 engagements, and 37 follow-through actions (about a 15.4% rate). This is business I would not have seen prior to the deployment of the chatbot.

      Plus the chatbot is not even optimized yet (I am adding a whole new upgraded one today that has an avatar and audio plus targeted actions). The initial one was just to see how they work. I am so impressed and we will also see how the e-commerce side works out.

      These are different from the Facebook Messenger bots that are out there (we also sell these) and they operate independently from any business or fan page on Facebook. They have more options and you control the sequences without restrictions.

      I will post the numbers so everyone can see the proof. This will likely convince people like us who had some doubts (or have them). The clients we have are also very impressed and so far their numbers are far better than ours (only because these chatbots ARE optimized).

      Indeed, I see a bright future for chatbots and the businesses we will be able to help with them!


      Dave : )

  21. Really interesting, and slightly scary stats, for chatbots and what they are already doing for companies. Scary to know that one will have more chats with a chatbot than with one’s spouse.

    Amazing that some companies that are already using chatbots are getting ROIs of 800% and more.

    I can’t say I interact with them much yet, but who knows what happens in the future…..

    The only thing that puts me off getting one for my website at the moment is the price, but I am sure as technology develops the prices will come down.

    • Hi, Michel…

      They sure are scary in one way…The paradigm of how we interact on the internet is changing, as is the way sales are happening. It can be a positive thing, but there are downsides too. I remember the days when you were asked to turn off your cell phones when in restaurants!

      Nowadays, everywhere you will see people hunched over their smartphones, doing who knows what, all day long. This is causing a change in the way people interact with one another face to face. Sales can be done easier using such a chatbot and a sales page/coupon/etc.

      The cost of these can be minimized if you are willing to spend some time learning how to create a sequence by yourself using ManyChat or ChatFuel, for instance. The problem is that many people will not want to spend the time learning, plus the time maintaining them. This is where we come in, we do it for you.

      Best of luck and let us know how things go…


      Dave : ) 

  22. We live in a world today where technoogy has both proven to be a useful tool and sometimes malevolent instrument. With chatbots in particular, I am certain that this remains to be the case. Perhaps in the end it’s all a matter of caution and proper control when utilizing them for your business/communication needs.

    • Hello, Mike…

      I totally agree with you. Used with planning and foresight, the chatbots can help leverage your engagement with traffic that stops by your site, they can help make sales and provide support, etc. If they are deployed with no strategy, they can actually hurt your operation.

      This is where we come in. Once we know what the strategy is, we can make recommendations, then build a demo based on what the client decided is important. They can have a look and make any final changes, and then we publish and provide the code to install it on their website.

      One of the best uses I can see is to have them welcome and show the website visitor to the appointment book, where the visitor can book an appointment. Similar to a real person, they can make the prospect feel at home and make them more comfortable. 

      Of course, there are a thousand ways to use them, it really is up to you. We have some new things we are bringing in as well, and we are quite excited to be working this. It is going to combine the best of AI, animation, and avatars. We are testing now…


      Dave : ) 

  23. Hey there,

    I LOVE this post! Chatbots are a great way to interact with customers, without having to constantly have your people dealing with customers, besides special requests and issues. For example, a company can use a chatbot for its technical support department or even customer service department, using them to respond to frequent questions and issues, thus leaving the customer service and technical support representatives to deal with the more difficult issues.

    Thanks for a great post!


    • Hi, Mario…

      Glad that you enjoyed the post and for sure the chatbots available today have come a long way from the versions that were being used not that long ago. The advances have been remarkable and a real boon to all online marketers who operate or sell online.

      Our SMART Chatbots are getting a warm reception from offline business owners too. Their main focus is on building their business with their customers, but the websites and services they want to have projected on the site need to complement what they are doing too.

      This is where we come in. They can task us with getting their chatbot created and operational, so they do not have to learn yet another skill that sucks away the time they should be out building their business with new customers and taking care of current ones.


      Dave : )

  24. Just call me old fashioned. I am not a fan of chatbots. I prefer interacting with a live person instead of an AI interface. Maybe it is because of the number of robocalls I get via a landline. Companies that use robocalls and AI really have no consideration for the live people who answer a robocall. I also find the chatbots that use motion to attract the attention of website visitors annoying. Maybe I will change my mind about chatbots someday.

    • Hello, Glen…

      Much like pop-ups, there is going to be a certain portion of people that do not like chatbots for use on websites. I agree that they can be annoying, and this one is set up to bring attention to the current offer that we have ongoing, so it is intended to get attention.

      You do bring up a good point. I am considering adding a landline number (free call) for people to actually call in and leave a message when they need some personal attention for one thing or another. They will also have the chance to talk directly with a service rep.

      These chatbots can be set up to have motion or not, I have them set up this way now to get that attention I am looking for. I will be testing without motion and having them only show up once versus on every page. Testing is the name of the game. SMART Chatbots are doing well so far on every page they have been deployed on, so with tweaking, I think they can work on any website!


      Dave : )

  25. I have read your previous article and you have quite the manner to convince that chatbots will empower any ecommerce/online business and it will reach the highest demands in the next few years. A lot of companies are virtually assisted such as Sephora where you can ask how their makeup would look on you. I enjoyed it actually. 

    Most often, customers would say that chatbots doesn’t really answer the person’s inquiry. Now having no knowledge on how to run a chatbot, I personally think that all possible answers should be input by the owner or customized by the company. What do think is the best way to avoid misleading answers of chatbots sonthat customers can be satisfied with the service? As usual, your article is very interesting and timely.

    • Hi, Missus B…

      I am not sure that a chatbot can provide every answer there might be to every question, it is more the case that you will see over time what questions are most often asked and provide answers to these. The chatbot scripts can be set up any way the customer wants or needs…

      We do have standard sequences that we start with and then build a special and unique sequence based on what the customer may be looking for. This requires some calls and back and forth with the draft product until the customer has what they are looking for.

      My recommendation would be to get the FAQ into the chatbot sequence if it is for customer service, with a link for a live support person for those hard to fix issues that may come up from time to time. They can also be set up for other tasks too like offering discounts, special deals, or lead magnets.

      It really depends on how the customer wants to use these SMART Chatbots as we base our service on what they are looking for. We can build them to order and do not mind working as long as it takes to get them up and running as the customer wants!


      Dave : )

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