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Chatbots Are The Future!

2019 03 03 2216 - Chatbots Are The Future!

You heard that right!

Have you heard of ChatBots? These are the messenger-type apps that you are seeing on more and more websites these days. you may have been wondering how to use such innovative technology for your own website, but thought it is too expensive. That is not the case these days, as more and more marketing agencies and teams are offering such service at reasonable prices.

Chatbots are specially designed software applications that have been programmed to send messages to users in a conversational interface, much like a live chat widget. They act like digital agents and are used to interact with your site visitors. They can complete a number of tasks that your visitor might require, whether it be pointing them to the right product of interest, helping direct them through to your sales team, or taking a booking or reservation.

There is no end to what you can get a chatbot to do for you and everyone has slightly different requirements. Ultimately they can act as a digital agent on your site, interacting with as many visitors as you have on your site at any one time and working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year! They never stop.

The artificial intelligence that chatbots incorporate is revolutionizing the customer experience. The most common uses of chatbots are for simply improving user engagement. This can take varying forms such as welcoming, offering coupons, customer support, etc. All of the big brands have started using chatbots, and the use is growing by leaps and bounds by all businesses.

This trend is not surprising, as things are progressing with the chatbot technology that helps power these apps. Chatbots are indeed getting better as time goes on. As the artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep neural network applications mature, each new generation of chatbots that is released keeps getting more professional and more similar to a real person. Truly messaging platforms are in their prime, and the use of Chatbots is the new trend.

Let’s drill down a bit to see why chatbots are so popular these days…


Social Platforms and Chatbots…

Messenger is operated by Facebook and they have made massive strides in incorporating the tool into their Facebook platform. They have made it easy to use Messenger on user’s websites and connect the users to their platform. If you have a business page on Facebook, you can also connect and interact right from the page with customers.

This is truly a great way to increase engagement with people that may be visiting the pages, and it can help you get leads, more views to your website content and offers, get targeted leads that have shown an interest in what you may be offering, and even selling more.

This is all good, but it can be limiting if you ever get shut down by Facebook. There are some rules that you have to comply with, and it can be difficult to set things up so they are working properly. Also, you cannot add some of the latest innovations that are available now for the latest versions of chatbots.


why6 300x240 - Chatbots Are The Future!

More Reasons To use Chatbots…

Let’s look at some statistics and trends about chatbots. These are publicly available and can be found using a quick search on Google, but for brevity’s sake (and to keep you here on our page) we decided to list a few for you. We are not just throwing some words around here, we have some real data to back up what we are advocating!

  • Mark Zuckerberg revealed Chatbots will be the secret to Facebook’s success over the next TEN YEARS.
  • Billion dollar companies like Amtrak are already using Chatbots to get ROIs of 800% or more.
  • By 2021, 50% of companies will spend more on Bots than on mobile apps.
  • By next year, the average person will have more chat with Bots than with their spouse!
  • Gartner predicts that chatbots will power 85 percent of all customer service interactions by the year 2020
  • 48% of consumers would rather connect with a company via live chat than any other mean of contact.
  • 57% of consumers are interested in chatbots for their instantaneity.
  • 35% of consumers want to see more companies using chatbots.
  • 55% of consumers are interested in interacting with a business using messaging apps to solve a problem.
  • 95% of consumers believe ‘customer service’ is going to be the major beneficiary of chatbots.

These points definitely back up what we are pointing out and it surely means that if you want to stay ahead of the curve, you need to consider adding a chatbot application to your website. You could go with Facebook Messenger, but we recommend using alternatives that you have control over.

This way you also can fine-tune the chatbot to your specific needs, you can add in the latest technology advances, and fully leverage the power that chatbots offer you. For many people or business owners, this all sounds great, but they may not have any expertise in the area so are a little intimidated.

Before we address that, let’s look at the many ways that chatbots can help your business, and this will show you why you need to consider adding one asap to your operation! Chatbots are useful in so many ways, and as time goes on, the advancements make this, even more, the case…


2019 03 03 2253 300x100 - Chatbots Are The Future!

Why Use Chatbots?

The purpose of Chatbots is to help you find anything you look for on a website or for a service, without having to go through the website itself or having to use of multiple apps within a website. The power of chatbots has not been lost within the business world. They know that this innovation is going to save them time and money. Using the chatbots, they have seen sales rise, customer satisfaction go through the roof, and they have been able to keep clients on their pages longer.

More empathetic responses from chatbots are another big advancement with the latest versions available. The newest chatbots can even add audio or a 3D avatar that makes the whole experience that much more interesting and useful for the users. Customers can now engage with a chatbot in much the same way they would in an online conversation with a live customer support employee, so the learning curve for customers to engage with chatbots is practically nonexistent.

Indeed, the artificial intelligence ability of chatbots is revolutionizing the customer experience. Chatbots reduce human error, they never sleep, you do not have to teach them how to provide support once they are initially set up, and they provide you the same work as an employee would for a one-time cost. This means you have time for other things while you allow something else to do this work for us and do it better (statistics you collect can prove this).

Just one of many examples of niches that Chatbots can be used for is the medical diagnostic area. Once such chatbot called Babylon, offers a subscription service that is available in the UK and it offers artificially intelligent chatbot-based consultations that result in a suggestion for a medical course of action. If this seems far-fetched and more than you need, think again.


2019 03 03 2247 300x100 - Chatbots Are The Future!

Can Any Website Use A Chatbot?

Despite chatbots having been around for some time now, lead generation via chatbots is still a very new technique. This is changing as the new generation chatbots are released. We have several sequences now that will help you start using the chatbots you place on your site generate leads for you on autopilot. This is a new use for chatbots that will be coming into its own over the coming months.

Another great use of chatbots for your websites is in the area of customer service. The chatbots can narrow the inquiry prior to passing the request to the human customer service rep that you may have, and many questions can be answered through the process before they ever get to a real person. This saves time and frustration on the side of the user and on the customer service rep too.

There are many other examples of uses for chatbots for any area of online marketing that you may be involved in. Not only that, they can be useful for virtually any niche as well. Training, e-commerce, blogging, membership sites, offline businesses (with or without a website, by the way) can all use chatbots to their advantage. It really is up to the imagination.


2019 03 03 2215 001 300x100 - Chatbots Are The Future!

Is It Hard To Set Up My Own Chatbot?

Having said all that, scripting of chatbot sequence can be hard. Unless you know what you are doing, setting up the workflow with appropriate yes/no options and then providing solutions and answers based on the user action can be a daunting endeavor. This is where the SMART IM Chatbots Services come in. We make the whole process as painless as possible, and as fast as possible too.

Our SMART IM Chatbots Service takes care of the heavy lifting for you. We take you through an onboarding protocol that will only require a few minutes for the client to complete, then we spend some time determining a final solution for clients based on their needs, and once we know the requirements we will do all the hard work of setting up the scripting and hooking it all together.

This all is included along with optional extra services for a low cost that is better than most of the agencies currently offering such services in the market. We have several package deals to choose from, and we always are willing to offer a unique package based on the client’s needs.

Once the proposal we offer is accepted by the client, we get to work. Within a very short period of time, you will have your chatbot or chatbots and be ready to deploy them on your websites. We can do that for you for a small additional fee too so it can be very painless to get your own chatbots in place. We even have a monthly plan, where we track your chatbot for you, make sure it is running properly, and give you statistics on how well it is performing.


2019 03 03 2215 300x101 - Chatbots Are The Future!

Why Use the SMART IM Chatbots Service To Create Your Chatbot?

As you can see, we have taken all the hard work away when it comes to using chatbots for the website owner. We not only provide the completed chatbot, but we also provide the code or WordPress plugin to get it operational. If requested, we will even install it for you on your website. If you select a monthly service option, we can provide statistics, maintenance, lead generation support, etc.

Have a look at our simple process that will get you started and set up your appointment today to get you chatbot operational on your website. You will be glad that you did. It will improve your engagement, help you sell more, and can help with providing a better level of customer support. have a look at some of our happy client’s testimonials too, this is yet more proof that we back up words with action!


2019 03 03 2214 001 300x100 - Chatbots Are The Future!

What Is Next?

Remember, we’re a specialist chatbot team that is focused specifically on building and developing new chatbots for websites of any kind. We work with you to understand what your site needs and our team then build a chatbot that meets your requirements.

Chatbots are the main marketing service our team provides for clients and we are experienced at building chatbots for any industry. We write chatbot content that converts and we design extremely engaging and fun for the end user chatbots.

Work with our experienced chatbot/AI team to develop the best course of action for you! The link below will take you to our onboarding form, and following submission of that form, you will be able to set up an appointment with one of our team members to get you set up with your own chatbot!

Look at some demos we have prepared for you HERE



2019 03 03 2214 300x100 - Chatbots Are The Future!

The process is simple:

– Fill out the onboarding form Click Here ==> APPLICATION FORM

– Request a consult appointment to complete the final details for your chatbot requirements (This is on the same page as the application at the bottom)

– We provide demo versions of the chatbot after a chat with you to determine the final requirements for your chatbot…

– Once accepted by you we provide the code and plugin (either one) and provide follow-on support as per your request and payment.

So what are you waiting for?

2019 03 03 2216 300x297 - Chatbots Are The Future!






84 thoughts on “Chatbots Are The Future!

  1. Great Content and InformationThanks for this concise and thorough article.

    I have heard about chatbox but I haven’t tasted its benefits this much, I must say this is the most comprehensive review I have ever read on chatbox. I have been seeing this on different websites but don’t know how to install on my blog; Thanks for this eye opener, I have learnt alot on how to use the SMART IM Chatbots Service. Thanks for sharing

    • Hi, Wealthfactior!

      Thanks for the positive feedback, chatbots are indeed getting very popular. I have seen them on the big websites and with brands, and now they are coming down to the rest of us! These are actually not that hard to get installed, but it does take some forethought.

      As with most sales funnels, or customer service funnels, you need to plan them out first, then build the scripts and the flow so the user will feel like they are chatting with a real human. These days, you can use a lot of tools that come with the chatbots to further improve engagement.

      Our team uses three platforms to build the chatbots out, and we have various options with each for the clients. We can build one based on the Facebook Messenger model, one using unique features like delayed deployment, popup chatbots, chatbots embedded in content, or even full page bots, and yet another option that has voice and avatar support.

      So it really depends on what the client may want or need for their website. If they have a strong Facebook presence, they may want a chatbot built that can interact and connect directly to the business page they have. On the other hand, one of the other options may work better.

      What it boils down to is that we are working to provide the best solution for them, and having plenty of options they can select from. Once they have determined their needs, we quickly get it built and deployed for them. It does not take us long.

      We already have many templates for various niches, and the scripts can be quickly edited to make the final few changes needed, then we provide the code, a WordPress Plugin so they can add the chatbot(s) to their website. They can even have more than one chatbot on one website if they need it. 

      There is a cost for these, of course. Many people do not have the time or they want to outsource the work so they can focus on their business. That is fine, our team of specialists does nothing but create chatbots. There is no faster way to get agency service than through us.

      We also can provide follow-up service if the client wishes. This means for a monthly subscription, they get tracking data for their chatbots, plus we maintain them for the client so they never have to worry about keeping it live and working.




  2. Hi Admin, Not only have I heard about Chatbots, but I have also chatted with Chatbots on one on one within some sites I have visited in the past. One thing I love about Chatbots is that it is always working 24/7. It doesn’t get tired like humans. I have also noticed that there is an increased use of chatbots nowadays than few years back.The benefits of using chatbots are great. I remember numerous times I have gotten response from chatbots about services such websites offer irrespective of the fact that it was either during weekend or non working hours.I am happy to have seen this site, at least I can call on you for chatbots creation, when I must have finished putting my website and online business in order.

    • Hello, Grace…

      Yes, more and more people are aware of them, and more are using them too. Your example of using one with success is one of many these days. They are very effective and getting smarter all the time. The features they have are also getting much more robust.

      I can remember the early ones really looked cool but were not that smart. The AI algorithms used these days is getting quite sophisticated and the power the chatbots offer increasing as a result. We work with three different programs, each has different capabilities and features.

      Depending on what the client may want to focus on, we recommend a solution and prepare the chatbot demo. Once approved, we then provide the code and WordPress plugin so they can place the chatbot on their website (we will do that too if they need this).

      Also, depending on what the client is looking for, we will provide data and support on an ongoing basis for the chatbots too. The customer has one less thing to worry about and can review the statistics gathered over a monthly basis to see how effective the chatbots are for their business,

      Please do stop by when you are ready, most certainly chatbots are a feature that will help you grow your business faster, but you do have to have the basics in place. If there is no content that is drawing in traffic, or your design is really poor, or you have not put in place all the other elements required for online marketing business, the chatbots will not work.


      Dave : ) 

  3. Hello,

    Chatbots are becoming quite popular already. I have interacted with a couple of chat bots on different websites. In my opinion, it was quite exciting because the chat bots are greatly helpful.

    It’s important to add a chat bot to your website because it helps with customer interaction. It can direct a customer to the specific needs of the customer. Chat bots also give website a professional feel. 

    With every angle considered, I believe chat bots is the way to go for more websites now. However, I want to find out, as the owner of a website, would I be the one to write the dialogue of responses of the chat bot?

    Hoping to hear your reply soon, thanks for sharing

    • Hi, Louis…

      Most certainly if you build them yourself, you would have to create the script and arrange the flow of the chatbots you create. There are some platforms out there that make it easier, but it really is quite a project to get these working for you effectively.

      This is why teams like our SMART IM Chatbot Service Team exists. Most people will not want to learn all of this and they may also not understand how best to deploy them with the many features and options that we have access to. Most certainly we can guide clients through the process of selecting what may work best.

      Once we have an agreement on what they want and accept, we build it for them using the many options that we can build for them, and show them a completed demo prior to providing the final code and WordPress plugins. There are really a lot of ways to use these chatbots today.

      We write the scripts and code, and also set the chatbots up to work the way the clients want, as possible with our software. It is easy for the clients, all they do is tell us what they want. We go through the hard work of creating specific scripts and flows for them.


      Dave : )

  4. WOW! This concept is an eye-opener! I would have never thought this would be possible for any business. i currently run a business that has a website, however, it takes a lot of time replying with my clients and such. I had never heard of chatbots until today. I begin my research and landed on your website. I am curious, I did not see a price, so is this something that is payable once a month or yearly? 

    Thank you so much for this detailed and informative post on Chatbots, I am honestly considering this option since I spend a lot of time replying to my clients. 

    • Hi, Nia…

      Yes, chatbots are really exciting for me too. They offer yet another way to get more user engagement and offer the users a more human-like experience over just a chat box that you may add from say a Facebook Messenger connection.

      Due to the AI technology that is advancing so quickly, these new age chatbots offer a plethora of options for adding new ways to get more leads, more sales, and faster customer support to your subscribers and followers. They also can be massaged to fit any niche or market segment.

      They work great for e-commerce or brick and mortar stores with a website, they are effective for affiliate marketers, and trainers or coaches. They can be used internally as well for the medium-sized business to standardize processes and training. 

      There are many more examples I could list but I think you get the idea. The SMART IM Chatbot Service Team is right there keeping up with the trends and adding to our available options as the newer technologies are introduced.

      This way we can offer a smorgasbord of options for the client to select from, and also have a price range that will fit into their budget too. We will continue to add new options as they become available too. That is why we are the SMART Team!

      We are working the pricing options right now. So far, we have helped out some small and medium-sized companies in the local area, and have received excellent feedback from them. We will have the pricing table posted within the next day or so in the menu at the top of the page.

      Bottom line is that we want to make these chatbots as affordable as possible so as many as possible business owners will add them to their sites. We know already that we are very competitive to other agencies offering such services.

      Please stop back and check out or pricing and get started with your own chatbot!


      Dave : )

  5. Thank you for the review of Chatbots. I like this idea of having to have a bot on your website to interact with your customers. I was wondering if this would help with ranking in Google?. Since one of the things that Google likes is engagement with your client base.  Thank you for the review very interesting topic.

    • Hi, Geoffrey…

      Chatbots will help with ranking in at least two ways: First, you will have lower bounce rates for the pages that you add the chatbots to (remember you can have more than one chatbot on a website). Secondly, there is tracking capability using Google Analytics or a Facebook Pixel so you can see what people are doing while within the chatbot. 

      Remember it is all about improving the UX (user experience) and chatbots have proven their worth over and over, and as they continue to have more capabilities, they will work even better. This is why people like Mark Zuckerberg is saying that the future is chatbots when it comes to selling online.

      Our focus is on offering a variety of options for the clients. There are some platforms that we use offering audio, video, and avatars, while others offer popups, full-page chatbots, and embedded in content chatbots, etc. Yet others work well with the Facebook social platform nicely. 

      It is an exciting time for marketing online, in no small part due to the addition of chatbots as a means of selling and growing your business faster and easier. Thanks for popping through and taking the time to add your thoughts, please do stop by again!


      The SMART IM Chatbot Services Team  

  6. Thanks for writing out this lovely article and I must say its a must for every blog,affiliate marketer and company to read and digest.chatbot helps improving user agreement ,customers love chatting live with customer service care of a company,chatbot helps you look for hidden things on website or a service.chatbot can attend to question and narrow the the request to human services.i will bookmarks this page and pass across to friends. Thanks

    • Hi, Adam…

      Chatbots are certainly becoming a must-have tool for online marketers, for every niche too. There are just so many ways that they can help you get ahead with your business and they work for you 24/7, which is an advantage in these days of a global market…

      I am just finishing creating a chatbot for onboarding new clients for our SMART IM Chatbot Service. Guess what? Today we no longer need to have a long and laborious sign-up form to get started. I had this epiphany as I was creating my form!

      This is just one example, there are a hundred more…Chatbots are here to stay, and they are here to help you leverage the power of AI and other technology for your business. I am quite happy to get this project off the ground, I am sure we will be helping lots of business owners really soon (we are already, but it is time to scale it up)!


      Dave : ) 

  7. I noticed that my online banking, Bank of America, has a chatbot now and they named her Erica. Thank you for providing the walkthrough on Smart IM Chatbots. I see that you provide a demo trial for it but If I am interested in it, how much will it be? It will be a nice fuction to have on my site later on when I get more traffic. This Chatbots will be perfect for ECommerce. 

    • Hi, Nuttanee…

      Yes, the chatbots are getting incorporated in many websites of the major brands these days, but they have been out of reach for the little guys it seems due to expense or the difficulty in getting them up and running properly. Tis is why the service the SMART IM Chatbot Team offers is there.

      For you, I would make a special price in return for an objective testimonial. This is no way intended to influence what you will say, I just want some honest feedback. Actually, I am thinking of setting up a free trial period of perhaps 1-2 weeks and get a pre-approved card to auto charge after the trial period is over.

      I may even add in some lesser monthly options, we shall see, Sign up using the chatbot on the page and either I or my team will get back with you…We may offer a  limited number of chatbots for this trial to get some feedback, you have come up with a good idea!

      Yes indeed, the chatbots are perfect for e-commerce. We are in the process of adding them to 20 stores right now as a matter of fact! Since they are mine, I really can’t provide a testimonial though, so having some objective feedback is a good thing!


      Dave : )

  8. This is my first time of reading in full what a chat bot can do for me in making my work easy and fast in responding to my clients,i have read many things about chatbot be never for once did I have it in mind to make use of it until now,and I see this is an innovative technology and I need to key in and make use of it to the maximum 

    • Good Day, Ajibola…

      Yes indeed, the chatbot revolution has arrived and has been for some time. The difference is now they are getting really a lot smarter than they have been in the past and also more versatile in how you can use them in your business. 

      Comparing them to the cost of an employee, they offer the chance to get a lot for a small one-time fee and recommended also would be the monthly plan to be able to make changes, get stats, and have someone else monitor the chatbot for you.

      This is just a tool, the basics of a business has to be there so you can leverage what you have with the chatbot, but the SMART IM Chatbot Service Team will work through this when they do a application chat with you or a representative.


      Dave : )

  9. I have to say, I’m pretty impressed by Amtrak’s ROI. I’m glad you mentioned that. 800% is mind-boggling. And to think that Facebook plans to implement chatbots to such a degree that it could determine their future success going forward. How would the implementation of chatbots work on websites for smaller businesses? I’m thinking that there could be potential for folks to get set up while they’re still building their online presence.


    Thanks for the in-depth write-up!

    • Hi, Buck…

      Yes, the numbers are really impressive for these big companies and it is time that we all got in on the action and started benefiting from chatbots I think. The problems have been that many people did not understand how to build them, and secondly the cost was prohibitive.

       These days there are sites such as ManyChat that can be used to build one chatbot and place it on your website, but the monthly cost and limited actions you get for the price means that over time you will spend a lot of money as more people use the chatbot.

      You also have less flexibility than you get using the SMART IM Chatbot Services, as we can add in audio, video, and many other features, plus you can deploy more than one chatbot on your site. In the long run you save money because we have no limits on actions.

      Have a great day and please do pop in again!


      The SMART IM Chatbot Team  

  10. Great article about smart IM Chat boxes!  I am really interested in this service.  I run a property management service and bout 40% of our phone calls are about te same 20 issues.  The same issues over and over again.  I love the idea, if I understand it right, that the chat box could answer the same question with a pre-planned response and only if it was outside of the scope of the question would it involve an actual person.  That would greatly reduce the pressure on my staff.  I also LOVE the fact that you would set it up for me, so I know I got it right and I wouldn’t have to waste time on technology I do not know well. I also love your example of the chatbox in your lower left hand corner. You really make this service seem like it would be easy to use. Thanks again I am going to contact you directly for more information

    • Hi, Highlife (love that name!)…

      You have painted a situation where the chatbots would work perfectly for. Imagine having the chatbot refer the users to a FAQ section of your website where they could get instantly the answers for their question with no need for a customer service representative to get involved.

      That rep can use the extra time to take care of the problems that may require more research and time. Everyone comes away happier. The customers, the rep, and you. All win and this uptick in customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction can result in more business and profits over time.’

      Having us set it up and maintaining it also relieves a lot of stress too, as you mention. We have a team of people that are dedicated to doing only chatbots. They build them, they maintain them, and report stats ro the clients that are managing their chatbots through us.  

      Thanks for stopping through and please consider giving us a try to see if the SMART IM Chatbot Services Team can provide a chatbot solution for your business!


      Dave and the SMART IM Chatbot Services Team  

  11. This is an incredible blog post.

    No doubt, that this chatbots technology is really gaining ground these days. I have always thought it is specifically designed for some special website. But your article has got me enlightened better and now i know anybody can get it activated on his/her site with a very reasonable price. This technology is awesome as it helps save time in replying clients.  Thanks for this informative article.   

    • Good Day, Michael!

      Thanks for popping through and checking out our post on chatbots. This is the latest tool in our SMART IM Tools brand toolkit that we are building for online marketers, and one of the most fun to work with actually. You can do so many things with chatbots and display them in any number of ways on your website.

      Please do have a look at some of the demos we have added to the website (links to them). We have built quite a few already in beta testing and for our own websites, and we keep on coming up with new uses for them. They are great and effective!


      Dave : )

  12. Now, that’s what I am talking about, a company I worked for were trying to install these chariots, even though I didn’t really know what they were or how they are installed because the IT department were handling it. The rest of us got to know about the difficulties from the complaints and time it took for them to be able to get it to start functioning. I doubt the company that provided it to them provided them with  any support. So, Smart IM chatbots seems to me like it is solving more than one problem. 

    I wouldn’t mind using using this service when I am ready with my website or recommending it to other businesses. 

    • Good Day, Vapz!

      Love that name! Yes, your experience has been the case for many small and medium-sized companies, maybe less so for the big companies. The big companies can throw money to get things done with large teams and the expense does not matter.

      Enter SMART IM Chatbot Services. Our whole mantra with the service we are offering is that we want to get a chatbot on every website from every small business owner out there, so we can level the playing field for them as they go up against the bigger companies for business.

      Our pricing strategy is such that we have dropped the development cost to almost a zero profit proposition for us. Where we will make a small profit is in the subscriptions that we have from the business owners that want monthly maintenance, reports, and editing opportunities.

      Not only that, we have other teams that focus on other areas of services for small business, so we hope that will get some additional business from happy customers working with us on the chatbot services. Maybe I should not be giving away our strategy, but this is how we operate…Openly and fairly…


      Dave : ) 

  13. Chatbots are an interesting tool for our websites. I’ve tried these on some websites, I’m sure. 

    They make our the clients’ questions answered right away because they work 24/7. I’m just confused, though. How do you know, if a website is using chatbot or a real person in customer service is chatting with you?


    • Hi, Marita…

      The idea is that you should not notice if the person (avatar?) is real or not. Of course, this is going to become evident as the user goes through the scripts and replies to the questions and survey choices, etc. The idea is that many of the responses can be canned and still help out the user looking for guidance.

      Also, the interactions can lead at some point to a real customer service rep if needed, depending again on how you set up the sequences and scripts to flow. How that works is first the client needs to determine what their goals are for using the chatbot, then we design the flow and content based on that.

      The questions that are most frequently asked can result in a referral to a FAQ section, for instance. rather than have a real person doing this, a chatbot can take care of this. Overall, rather than waiting for a customer service rep to point them there, the chatbot can do it.

      These are just a couple of examples, there are limitless ways to set the chatbots up. I am sure that there will be many requests for appointment chatbots, and some for customer service, and yet others for offline business tasks and e-commerce stores.  

      This is also where the SMART Chatbot Services Team comes in. Our mission is to help figure out what is best for the client based on their stated requirements. Then build the chatbot that is unique to their operation and one that does what they need it to do.

      Once it is deployed, it can work on automatic for them, unless they need some changes done or a new chatbot focus, requiring a whole new chatbot sequence. This is also why we are offering a one-time price and ongoing maintenance and reporting plans.

      This will save the customer a lot of money over a year as opposed to what they would pay for a lesser level of service elsewhere. For instance, ManyChat or ChatFuel both work with Facebook Messenger and interact with business pages on Facebook, but there are limitations on the numbers of subscribers and in some cases activity levels. 

      It can get very expensive over a year and the user will not have the flexibility they have with our chatbot service. We will assign clients to team members who will handle only their set of clients unless they are on vacation, sick, etc.

      Personal service much more so than a platform that has a support team for the entire set of customers is what the clients will get from us. We are in this for the long haul, so we also will be able to offer upgrades and new technologies as they are introduced.


      Dave : )

  14. Hey, this is some awesome info! Thanks!

    Chatbots strike me as another forward-thinking, modern marketing tactic similar to social proof. It’s not direct selling, it’s just a simple but valuable service that keeps you engaged with your website visitors. I image this leads to significantly higher conversions. I know that I personally like websites and stores that have Chatbots available to help me (though I never realized they weren’t real people). I guess that speaks well of their authenticity.

    What is the price range on this software?

    • Hi, Jordan…

      Thanks for your positive thoughts on these chatbots, we certainly are very high on the value they offer all online marketing businesses. The engagement is the key and the improvement in user experience that they offer for the people that stop by your website.

      They also can perform some vital functions that you otherwise would have to do using a chatbot like Messenger and being live. That is not practical and unless you have a boatload of money, you likely will not want to pay someone to do this for you.

      The selling, support, enhanced users experience, and etc. advantages these chatbots offer make the investment well worth the price. I say this all to put the cost into perspective. I pay a VA (virtual assistant) $400 a month minimum, more depending on the jobs they do.

      This is an annual cost of about $5000 for me per person, and they are not working 24/7 as the chatbots do. The chatbots also do not take vacations, they do not get sick, etc. So our cost at $300 per chatbot us not unreasonable based on this.

      During our launch period, there will be some fantastic discounts and founder rates that will go away after we have 1000 clients. The cost is one time but does not include any ongoing maintenance nor statistics on how the chatbots are performing.

      For a monthly subscriber fee, we will assign the clients to one of our team members and that person will work exclusively for their assigned set of clients. This means you will have someone that knows you, knows about the chatbot you are using, etc.

      The key for us is that we are taking a headache away from the business owner. They need to be focusing on the other business activities that are important so we take this mission over for them and are there to support their business.

      Please check out the pricing tables we have and also look out for the launch discount that we are offering at the moment. In the first day of doing a limited launch, we have 30 orders! That is with no advertising, no special efforts at all on our part.

      We think we have a winner here for us, for the clients, and perhaps most important of all, for the customers we are all looking for!


      Dave : )  

  15. Although, I’m just getting exposed to chat boxes, very recently. I can agree that the potentials of the products,  have not even began to become dynamic. 

    Even if, the present and future statistics of the innovative product, seems extreme, I agree with them almost 100%.

    Chat boxes will save consumers time and energy, and also save the producer’s time, money and energy. 

    Chat boxes are win, win and more win!

    • Hi, Peace…

      You are so right, they are that win, win, win and more. The statistics show that most users are going through the sequences completely and even taking action. This bodes well for the software and the AI technology behind it. We have gotten rave reviews from website owners.

      The SMART Chatbot Services Team continues to refine how we onboard new clients and also how we design the scripts and sequence flow, so I would imagine that over time they will get even better results from the chatbots for the clients.

      We also have taken steps internally to improve the client/team relationship. We are assigning clients to one team member, who will be backed up by a second member if needed, This way the client can grow a working relationship with the team member.

      Lots of little things, make for a better big thing, which are the SMART Chatbots!


      Dave : )

  16. The fact that facebook recognizes the importance of chatbox shows just how amazing this tool is. It is really the future as it is able to create interactions with humans as if itself is human. It would completely revolutionize this industry and make things a lot easier for site owners.

    I see this been really big in the near future because a lot of people are going to be making use of it.

    • Hello, Jay…

      Indeed you are absolutely right, chatbots are here to stay and they are becoming more prevalent across the internet and can be found on all sorts of websites. If they are designed properly, they can be just like having an additional employee for the business.

      This is where the SMART Chatbot team comes in. Most people will not want to spend the time learning how to set these up properly, nor will they want to maintain them, and update them based on the activities they want them to focus on. 

      We will do this for them, and since this is the team’s only focus, they are very good at what they do. This means no downtime, fast to market solutions, and tracking and recommendations based on best practices experience the team has.

      Thanks for popping through and do stop in again, as we are constantly adding to the tools that we are offering under the SMART IM Tools brand, and there are likely a few that can help you automate and leverage your time to grow your business faster!


      Dave : )

  17. Hi, I agree with you about importance of chatbots, You have explained here about chatbots with details. I had a little idea about chat boats, I was thinking of launching a chatbots service on my web sites, But I did not understand how to do that. After reading your review now I am clear what to do for me? I am thinking to use SMART IM Chatbots Service. Thank you very much.

    • Hello, Paul…

      Please have a look at our chatbots and test the SMART Chatbot Service demos out. They are not scripted to any degree compared to live chatbots, so perhaps go through the sequence we have set up on this website. It is a simple one and set up for our launch.

      There are almost limitless ways to set them up, so based on what your focus is, you can have them designed to meet the requirement. if you want to get additional service and edit the chatbots a couple of times a month, we have a subscription service option as well.

      Note we have a launch discount and a special rate for Wealthy Affiliate and Builderall members (two platforms that we are a part of and we want to help the members of these platforms) so look out for that too. The regular launch discount is also in effect at the moment (Launch 20). Go through the chatbot on this page to get details…


      Dave : ) 

  18. Dear Dave,

    I do often come across posts & ads on Chatbot and just read an article on Chatbot which made me to think and dig more on the subject and your post is a greater help. The reasons and stats you shared on chatbot is mind-blowing.

    Thanks a lot for the in-depth and detailed post on Chatbot. You left no stone up-turned in explaining how it all works and why we need a chatbot.

    After reading your post I realize that Chatbot is a must to every website owner if they want to take their business to the level and want to save their time.

    Its great to know that you are offering the Chatbot service. I am in the initial stage of building my website and once I am done with it I will get back to you to take advantage of this awesome service. 

    And I believe you will offer the best price for your readers!

    May I ask…

    What will be the minimum starting price for this service? Is that we need to pay every Month or every year or just once? Please advice…

    Wishing you great Success!


    • Hi, Paul,

      I appreciate all the kind words and also your input and feedback regarding this latest article on chatbots. As you may have surmised, I am quite upbeat about the future of chatbots for online marketing and websites in general. They are so versatile and they can be designed to really be unique for each client and site, and they can do so many things

      Right now we have an initial creation and deployment plan, with no monthly charges as an option. There will be many clients that will want ongoing support, likely more than want the one-time service. The customers that do want the ongoing support will incur a charge.

      That cost will be much less than for similar platforms out there that offer less flexibility and service, so I think that our selling point (one of them) on this is that we will have a team member assigned to a client. That person will work exclusively with that client, month in and month out.

      Please do stop in again as we will be announcing some launch prices that will make it an easy decision for the people that get in on the low prices we are planning for. This is to get a stable of clients that are happy and ready to give objective feedback and testimonials for us…

      Thanks again for stopping by and look forward to seeing a chatbot on your website (and I hope it will be a SMART Chatbot!)…


      Dave : )

  19. Hi Dave

    Very interesting post on chatbots you have here. I always wondered how this thing work and you have explained it all. I’m really interested in Chatbots now and I think it can be very useful for my dropshipping site since many clients emails us everyday which is very time consuming.

    I think chatbots is the right tool since I need something that can assist our clients 24/7.


    • Hello, Samm!

      You are so right regarding the chatbots being useful for drop shipping e-commerce sites. We have 20 stores ourselves that are being operated by other teams, and they are all in the process of having a high-tech avatar/audio chatbot added to them.

      We are tailor building these to match the niche the store is covering, and of course, the special offers and sales also have to match up with the intent and focus of the e-store. It is exciting to see it all come together, and on our side, is a lot of work to get it right.

      That is why we are here though. We want to do the hard work so the clients do not have to. There are a number of options out there now, and as more and more people get interested, we believe that most will not want to nor have the time to learn how to effectively create, deploy, and maintain these chatbots. 

      Have a look at some sample stores that we will highlight in future posts on the website (so do stop by again, please!). We will add in some statistics and findings so that people can see just how effective these chatbots are and how they can increase sales, engagement, and customer satisfaction!


      Dave : )

  20. I seem to have heard  it said somewhere that  Artificial Intelligence, such as your chatbot,  is the key to the future  of business. So it was quite pleasant to interact  with your bot in this  technologically savvy, innovative post that you’ve presented here, and when he asked, ‘Can I help you?’ I was actually moved to respond.

    Do you think perhaps, that when the app is developed to the point where it can give potential customers  a specific introduction of SMART IM BOTS, you might get more persons to sign up? That’s  a thought, not really a problem, though.  Whether or not he could be programmed to do so, I like him, and others will, too; because, like me, they feel welcomed to your site!.

    In conclusion: Well done; this is a wonderful creation which will have a enduring appeal to corporate and individual members of your audience.

    • Hi, Lorna…

      You are absolutely right and perhaps are reading my mind from afar! We are getting ready to deploy the advanced version of our chatbot service that totally shows the power and also will link to the application page, etc. The updated version also taps into audio and avatar features that show the power of chatbots at their finest.

      I do appreciate your insight into how you felt like as a potential client and this is the kind of feedback that will help us better address client concerns plus it will make the team’s support efforts easier. The chatbot we placed initially was just to have something.

      This is a new site and we have a new agency team that is only focusing on chatbots. I have brought in some experienced team members that know how to use the platforms and features we have access to so we can quickly get the chatbots out to clients.

      These work for any niche and any number of intents. Leads, sales, support, engagement, appointments, etc, can all be effectively addressed using the power of chatbots. This is why I am so excited to have a team together that will help untold businesses get started.

      Please do stop by and have a look at our new and improved chatbot that will be added likely today to the site, and we also have a couple of videos that also show the power of chatbots to the people that stop by our new site. We have three versions of a sales page, so over time, we expect to get increasing amounts of traffic and converts!


      Dave : )

  21. This is a great article and I think this is a great time to actually read something like this too considering I just read about chatbots few minutes ago and I was thinking about setting one up for my website. Reading through I thinks it’s a really good idea to sign up for this bot and I’m reassured my website needs something like this for better navigation. Great work putting up this article. 

    • Good Day, Ayodeji…

      Thanks for the kind words…These SMART Chatbots are going to help innumerable business owners automate major sections of their business, and offer a better means to get more business and engagement. Already we are seeing just how effective they are, and I must say, even I was surprised!

      I appreciate your support and hope that one day we will get your website updated with a SMART Chatbot too! Our team is standing by and ready to onboard you and get to work!


      Dave : )

  22. I feel like I now know much more about chatbots than before I read your article. I also found it useful to interact with your ConversioBot so I got a feel for how they are actually used.

    Do you think chatbots would be useful on affiliate marketing sites? I am not quite sure how they would apply there.

    I do have a Facebook Business page, so that seems like a good place to have chatbots to interact with my followers and maybe help them get to my site. Does that make sense?

    I am going to look into your chatbot services and see where I can apply them.

    Thanks for this useful information.

    • Hello, Curtis…

      Good to hear that this post was helpful for you and this tells me that I am getting my points across. That is useful feedback! The chatbots can be useful for all kinds of online marketing, to include affiliate marketing. I will mention a few ways it can help…

      You can promote your lead magnets with the chatbot, you can welcome and highlight an offer, you can add a customer service link to FAQ or to a customer support real human, you can deliver coupons, flash deals, etc. These are just a few…

      The user experience of your traffic is also improved, so the bounce rate will go down (better for SEO), and you really can speak on a different level with people who happen across your website. These reasons and more can be applied to any website, by the way.

      There are several options we build. Two use the Facebook Messenger platform to set up sequences that people on your business page OR your website can interact with, The other two that we build are onsite and can be used for a single page (you can build in a link to FB Messenger as well in these)…

      There is more cost involved with the Facebook Messenger version so there is a higher monthly cost for the client. Some people will want that capability, so they will pay that additional cost, but there are many others that do not need or want the Facebook Messenger chatbots so they will not pay as much.

      Hope this helps, ask me any more questions you may have!


      Dave : )

  23. Presently we are in a world moving in a fast pace. Chat bots are very essential for most websites now for many reasons. One goof reason is because website users are easily guided on how to navigate the site. As the owner of the website, it makes your job easier as there are already answers to questions that your users will likely ask. 

    • Hi, Mikay…

      Yes, you are absolutely right. Marketing is changing, and people are changing as well in how they choose things to buy. Chatbots tap into this and offer an experience that is what people are getting used to more and more. The email marketing is still number one, but there are less and less open rates and click-through rates as people move to the more visual and interactive means they take in content.

      SMART IM Chatbots taps into these trends and offers features that you cannot find in most other chatbots. We will continue to build on-demand for clients the simpler chatbot solutions but also offer the cutting edge chatbots as we test and approve solutions that we can obtain.


      Dave : )

  24. Cool! I was reading a blog about your SMART IM Chatbots on another site and wanted to get a closer look. I have used chatbots in the past and find it an interesting way to find information on a website without going through the typical search feature on a website. It makes it feel like a more humane/organic way to find information or get connected to a representative. A couple of questions I have are as follows. Will SMART IM chatbot affect my website’s loading time? The price for the Single Chatbot Premium is $100/month for 10 months but the Single Chatbot is only $100 total?

    • Hi, Paul…

      Glad to see you here, the SMART Chatbots Service Team is already hard at work as we have 30 projects from the first day we launched! We have been doing beta testing for quite a while, so they are now ramping things up. So far the response has been very positive.

      In regards to your question on pricing, I can see how the table might be confusing….There are a one-time fee and a monthly fee plans, and we are also adding in a 7-day free trial, It is because we have people like you that we are making the changes to make it more clear.

      This applies to every aspect of the process of getting a chatbot onto clients websites, by the way. We know that this is a growing process and that we will have to adjust our program as we get more and more clients. Thanks so much for pointing the pricing issue to us!

      In regards to loading time, so far we have noticed no difference at all with any of the chatbots we have installed. The code is entered into the heading for all pages on the site or for a particular page on a website, depending on what the client has ordered.


      Dave : ) 

  25. Hi! I’m really surprised with the use of chatbots every where. From the well established companies to a simple blog, so many are using chatbots.

    I have started to pay attention to Mark Zuckerberg’s statement that Chatbots will be the secret to Facebook’s success over the next 10 years. And I’m also impressed with Amtrak’s success stories involving Chatbots.

    Where could we get ideas of all the things chatbots can do? I’d like to see chatbots in action in diferent contexts.

    • Hello, Henry…

      Have a look at some of the demos we have here and also, you can go through the chatbot that we have on this page and possibly some other pages that we are controlling. I can’t give you links to clients websites, as this would violate our confidentiality agreement.

      These things really do work nicely and the response from users and from the clients has been overwhelmingly positive. SMART Chatbots seem to catch on with a growing audience of business owners that want to improve results using the automation and technology that we offer. 


      Dave : )

  26. I heard that chatbots is the next gen of internet and ecommerce marketing. My company is considering to use chatbots technology, because it can reduce customer service cost. The main issue is to make the chatbot personality as human as possible (along with our gimmicky speech), so it take a lot of time to fully develop it. I’ve seen chatbots used quite often in ecommerce site, but is it true that chatbots can also be used in any business / niche?

    • Hi, AIblue…

      Yes indeed, the chatbot phenom is growing and they really do enhance anyone’s online marketing and support capability. These initially were used by only the biggest companies but now they are becoming available to the rest of us.

      I have 20 e-stores, and we are adding chatbots to every one of them. They will welcome customers, offer some gaming chances, provide links to FAQ and customer service support, and lastly, we can get leads using them… So they will work for e-commerce for sure!

      If you have any other questions, just ask! Here to help! SMART Chatbots will work for any website…


      Dave : )

  27. I had no idea that it was possible to use chatboxes for our own websites – they sound like a great idea!

    But I imagine they are pretty expensive. Could you give me an example of how much a hatbox for lead generation would cost please?

    It is obvious that they are the future.

    Thank you so much for this info on smart IM chatboxes.

    Chrissie 🙂

    • Hello, Chrissie…

      These chatbots will work for anyone and for any website or niche! So far, we have them installed on offline media agencies (local business), make money online sites (our own), and on e-commerce sites (also our own plus some clients)…Everyone loves them.

      The costs are not that much depending on what your requirements are. Based on feedback we have so far, I am revising the offer and making the SMART Chatbots accessible to even more people. Stay tuned and do check again, we likely will have an offer that is within your budget!


      Dave : )

  28. I’ve been running into more and more bots as I visit various websites, and this is definitely a unique one.  I like the person feature, and I did click through to see how it worked.  The price isn’t bad either for as unique as it is, and if the conversion rate is there, I’d say it would be well worth it.

    • Hello, Babsie…

      I am glad that you gave it a try, we had another version without the avatar and audio, which has more features and kinda looks cooler (both versions work well). We have looked at the market and are pricing this service at the lowest end of the market range.

      Of course, we are sure that we will have clients that want more than a basic version, they will want a unique version that addresses all of their requirements. So it really depends on what the client wants and how much work is involved as to what the prices might be.

      So far, based on the sites that are using these, we do know that the positive effect is real. More leads, longer time on a website (lowers the bounce rate) and more sales (the exact figures will be hard to determine as there are many factors involved).

      We are positive about the value we are offering as the SMART Chatbots Team has already received a lot of praise for their services and the chatbots they have built to now. They can work in any niche and create these chatbots for any number of tasks.


      Dave : )

  29. I can’t wait to get to the point in my business where I’m receiving so much inquiry that a chat bot is necessary. Do you have any tips to know when it would benefit your small business vs being a liability and excess cost? I’m glad to see that they are becoming more empathetic…losing that “human like” touch to customer service would be my biggest worry.

    • Hello, Holly…

      We will be there for you when you are ready for your chatbot. I think you can start as soon as you have enough content to warrant an interface where the increasing level of traffic would allow you to capture that traffic via offering a lead magnet similar to when you consider adding in an autoresponder service.

      This chatbot will ramp up the pace of leads and eventually sales, so I would do it as soon as you have about 100 people a day stopping by to look at your posts, offers, and other content (like video). The good thing is you could start by making one on your own, there are services like ManyChat, Chatfuel, etc. 

      That do it yourself rout will cost you less but will not get you the versatility nor features that you will get with our chatbots, but it will be enough to start. If you really prefer to not learn all the steps, you can use a service such as ours (this will be faster too)…

      Best of luck and ask questions if you have any more, we are here to help!


      Dave : ) 

  30. Thank you for this information on Chat Boxes. I see these things all the time on websites and I’ve always wondered what the background information on them was all about. I was really curious to know how companies got people to work 24/7 on these websites but this makes much more sense being automated. These chat boxes are definitely the future, saving a lot of time by finding the information you need on the first page you come to. 

    • Good Day, Colleen…

      The SMART Chatbots that our team has built so far have resulted in a lot of positive feedback so far with users and also from the business owners. They love the 24/7 on status, the human-like avatars that have voices that can be translated into 25 languages, etc.

      These are the future and they can sell for you all day, every day. They will not get overworked, they will not take breaks, and they will not go on vacation. The advantages far outweigh the costs, and it is not taking long for our clients to more than make their investment back.


      Dave : ) 

  31. Interesting article. Chat bots are definitely brilliant innovation. Now a person would give far less time into giving replies that can be automated to customers. You can program the bots to answer frequently asked questions and also reprogram or updates its frequently asked question as new questions come. Over time, the not becomes very efficient in answering. More complex or specific requests can now be sieved for the website owner or customer care agents.

    I like the fact that these bots can now be in three dimension like that one on this website. I loved the automated experience. And its not difficult to add to a website neither is it expensive 

    • Hi, Polycarp!

      Yes, the chatbots are changing the way that we interact with clients, with our website visitors, and with our employees even. This represents a disruptive leap that will continue to improve the way marketing and support is provided.

      Where SMART IM Chatbot Services comes in is with the fact that many business owners will not want to learn how to set up sequences, record the audio, set up an avatar and lip-sync the audio, and make sure it all is working properly.

      The AI portion is also an aspect that people will not want to deal with, they will prefer that service do this for them, so they can focus on the important part, which is what to sell, the campaigns, and the customer service that their real humans are taking care of.

      Thanks for popping through, and I do hope that you will stop in again. Lots of changes coming (improvements) as we roll this out to thousands of business owners across the globe. We are excited, and the SMART Chatbot Team is ready to rock and roll!


      Dave : ) 

  32. This is a pretty cool informative article on the premise of chatbots in the mainstream web building domain. I did not think that they would become such a public commodity and who knows I may be using chatbots one day for my website. Have you used a chatbot and can you tell me if you can recommend them or not?

    • Hwy There, Jon…

      I use these chatbots for every website that we have live. Some are in the building stage as we test and see what the best approach is, but eventually, they will be fully deployed on all the sites. They are so effective and add a whole new range of user experience that we have not been able to have before. It is more personal than a popup or an opt-in page.

      The SMART Chatbots are top of the line too. They have more flexibility in regards to features and how they can be deployed for business owners. We can even deploy one on a special page as opposed to across every page of a website. This is our advantage (we have many) over other competitors. The clients love what we are building so far!


      Dave : )

  33. That is really cool and interesting. Sometimes I find the chatbot annoying but now I think it a mast have and very intelligent and helpful for website users. 

    I found your article very long to read maybe I’m just lazy. But it was really rich and informative. 

    Thanks a lot for the effort wish you all the best.

    • Hello, Aysha…

      These SMART Chatbots are pretty cool, yes. I like having them there to greet my e-commerce customers as they land on our store pages, and they are a great way to deliver instant discounts. This particular chatbot for this page is set up to promote the SMART Chatbots, but we can design the scripts and sequences as the client and website may need.

      The article is intended to fully inform people about chatbots and I never make them longer than what is required to cover the subject. This is such an interesting one (for me anyway!) that I did drill down a bit. You will find that I am old school and generally go for detail over a quick overview of anything I write about.

      Thanks for the wishes and I wish the best for you as well!


      Dave : )  

  34. I have heard of chatbots before and actually talked to one on a product a while back.

    My first thought it they look cool and helpful, but also that they might be kinda of annoying for some people.

    Because if I’m trying to read something, last thing I want is a head floating around the website staring at me or asking me questions.

    Either way though I could defintly see them as also benefiting website in the future.

    Thanks again for this great article.

    By the way since you added chat bits to your site, did you see a big difference?

    • Hello, Michael…

      The word is getting out about chatbots, but there are less than 5% of websites using them at the moment. It is a wide open market for us and similar agencies that can provide such services to business owners who do not want to learn yet another skill to run their business.

      Yes, I suppose like anything else, for some people they will be a bit annoying. Almost like using a cell phone in a restaurant, they can be a bit distracting for others. As with the smartphones, I do believe that they will just become a useful tool over time that people get used to having around.

      I have noticed a drop in bounce rates since we added the SMART Chatbot, and we have had a lot of people go through the sequences hat we have set up. They stay on the page longer and the ones that are interested in a chatbot want to see how they work. The avatar and human-sounding voice also is something that we have received lots of positive comments about.


      Dave : ) 

  35. What a great concept. I was wondering if this is more beneficial for an online store or larger website, rather than a blog? I suppose it depends on the visitors and traffic generated, is that correct? I’m always a little sceptical of the artificial intelligence involved. Are the answers the Chatbot gives always cortrect?

    • Hi, Nigel…

      Yes, the chatbot consept really is a disruptive leap for engagement with the people that stop by your websites, no matter the niche or marketing segment. From offline businesses to affiliate marketers or bloggers, all can use this tool to improve the user experience for their followers.

      Our SMART Chatbots are a step ahead right now from the rest of the stampede of companies and services out there, but we know that we will have to continue to work hard to keep that position in the market. Our strategy is to offer the best and then upgrade the clients as we get access to improved AI.

      The AI used for our chatbots are the same as those found in Siri, Google Voice, Amazon Alexa, etc. so we feel very confident that as we can compete. They improve over time too as they get smarter with more data to work on and answer more questions.


      Dave : )

  36. I’ve been looking into these chat bots for the last couple of weeks, and in that time I’ve read through several of your articles. They are interesting, and something I’m hoping I can fit into my own website in time. 

    You mention here that the heavy lifting of the installation etc will be handled by your company, but I’m wondering what happens when something goes wrong? If there is a glitch further down the road, do you offer support?

    • Hi, Chris…

      The SMART Chatbot Services has a team that will get right on support issues, and a system for clients to be able to get their questions answered as well (FAQ). That system is tied into our sales system, so the client’s portfolio will pop up when the team member addresses the issue, and we can get back asap with solutions.

      Up to now, we have had no issues whatsoever, but that can change as we grow, scaling up operations sometime has unanticipated consequences (but the system is designed to handle this scaling, so we think all will be good). We will be tracking things closely, of course.

      The SMART Chatbots are very popular so far with the clients we have on board. We will evolve as we grow to continue to improve the onboarding process and make sure that we do things better and better. This will help everyone, and also keep support issues minimized.

      Thanks for the questions, salient and useful for all people and prospects that are stopping by to read this post!


      Dave : ) 

  37. Those are very strong statistics and as I can see it the future businesses will be heading towards chatbots. I might go ahead and get me one of those now, I have put it off for a while but after reading this current and well-researched article you have got here, I change my mind. 

    Thanks for pinpointing those numbers using the current figure and company estimations. One can clearly see the future of modern industry heading toward the use of chatbots to get more work done. 

    Great article!

    • Good Day, Richard…

      The statistics indeed show what the future holds when it comes to marketing our businesses, whether it is affiliate marketing or something else like services an offline business has on offer. There are many ways to get started with chatbots, I would definitely do some research.

      We sure have over the past months, and what we have found has been eye-opening. We are very confident that the quality and uniqueness of what we have is going to be successful for business owners. They can address so many things.

      Whether it is getting appointments, delivering coupons, leading customers to FAQ sections, or to a live customer support team member, this SMART Chatbot has a lot of versatility. We can also set it up to open on exit, open only on clicking the animated bubble, etc.

      In short, we’ve seen what is out there now, what the price points are, and know that we are head and shoulders above the competition as to features, support, and pricing!


      Dave : )

  38. Great Content and InformationThanks for this educating and thorough article. I have heard about chatbox but I haven’t tasted its benefits this much, I must say this is the most comprehensive review I have ever read on chatbox. I have been seeing this on different websites but don’t know how to install on my blog, I really appreciate this article and thanks for this because it is an eye opener, I have learnt alot on how to use the SMART IM Chatbots Service. Thanks for sharing this great article.

    • Hi, Osinach…

      The chatbot phenomenon is here to stay and is a game-changer for sure. There are now so many options that the business owner has, but really few have taken advantage of them so far. There is a reason for that. The owner wants to focus on their business.

      This is where we come in. Our team only focuses on making these chatbots and creates sequences and etc. for the business owner so they do not have to. Our team also manages the chatbots for them, provides reports, and makes sure they stay working.

      There are so many things that chatbots can do, and we aim to get these capabilities into the hands of as many business owners as possible. There is even a launch going on right now where the business owner can get a chatbot and a professional video for a low price.


      Dave : )

  39. This is amazing. And I have to get something clear here. Are you telling me that when I have a ‘conversation’ with these messaging interfaces that I am not talking to a real person? No way! I had this discussion with my son recently, and being that ‘mother knows best’, I convinced him that there are real people behind the scenes. Well I think I did. This is a great article. I promote health products on my site and I get a lot of questions. Do you believe that chatbots can be used for sites like mine? I also love the voice comment facility you included. You are really on top of your game. Good going.

    • Hi, Coach!

      The chatbots can be connected to a real person for sure, so it could be that at some point you were indeed talking to a real person. In this case, the general questions and referrals can be handled by the AI and sequences that are programmed into the bot, while the more specific questions would be handled by the real customer service rep.

      In your business, a chatbot would be extremely helpful. Think about how many people stop by your website and leave within a second or two. Having that chatbot there with an avatar that greets them, then takes them through a sequence keeps them on your page longer.

      It is like having a salesperson working for you 24/7 and at no additional cost over the initial set-up fees. There are so many ways to leverage the power chatbots offer too, i.e. offering instant discounts, gamification tools, gathering leads, etc. 


      Dave : )   

  40. Wow!! Thank you for sharing. I like how you shared the evidence that chat bots are the tech wave of the future  I really hadn’t spent much time considering how I could incorporate this into my business. I booked marked your page, I plan on utilizing it. This is really good information and I am very interested in your services.  Thank you again.


    • Good Day, Lee…

      Glad that you can see the power that the chatbots offer for businesses. They will work for virtually any kind of business in any niche. I am in the process of adding them to all of our e-commerce stores, to our membership sites, and even to our training courses.

      This way we can cross-sell, up-sell, or get fast answers to the customers, and also provide some relief to our customer support team as they will not be answering the same questions again and again, and can focus on helping the customers that have more serious problems.

      Internally, within the organization, we are adding them to the training platform we are building so the team members can get fast answers or get their questions punted to our HR staff. They really can do all this and more for any business.

      Please do stop by again and when you have more questions, just ask away!


      Dave : )  

  41. Wow, I had never heard about Chatbots until I found your post. Thanks for taking the time to put so much detail into explaining what chatbots are and how they will impact the way we use the internet in the future. I like how you included a chatbot on your site to give us a real example of what you are talking about for us visual learners like myself. 

    • Hi, Marlinda…

      I am glad that you found our post on chatbots and SMART Chatbots (Our version of chatbots), and yes indeed, they are already making a huge impact on the way we all do business online both as a business owner and as a customer.

      Our current offer is gaining a lot of ground fast with business owners we approach because they are unique to other chatbots, they are more reasonably priced, and of course, we have personalized service as well. We are also a small company and know how important these things are.

      Please do stop in again and see the new things we are adding regularly, we would love to have your feedback!


      Dave : )

  42. This is pretty good.  Immediately I visited this website I saw something that welcomed me and I think that’s the chat bot. That’s pretty awesome and I will love to make use of it as I build my website. It will save me a whole lot of stress, increase revenue and also make my site look more original and professional. There is one thing I love so much about this chatbot. It was able to even tell me my current location. That’s so cool.

    • Hi, Precious…

      Yes, there are a lot of features the chatbots can do for you, and our SMART Chatbots are leaders when it comes to some of the ways you can tap into the features. We have priced the market for services that offer far less, and their prices are in the sky compared to ours.

      Part of the whole strategy we have taken is that we want the power of chatbots to get into the hands of as many small businesses as possible, and the way to do this is to keep the cost down. Of course, we lose out on some big bottom line numbers, but we help a lot of people and still make a living.

      Thanks for popping through and adding in your thoughts. Please do pop in again, we are open 24/7! You can leave a message in the Chatbot if you’d like, we will get back to you!


      Dave : )

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