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Chatbots are apps programmed to send messages to users in a conversational interface, much like live chats

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We can create chat bots with unique properties...Full page, exit pop-ups, embedded chat bots, and delayed opening chat bots...

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Have a look at our portfolio of available chat bots. Any industry, and need, we can build it for you!

Our Portfolio/Demos

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Chatbot E-Commerce Focused Demos

Below find the two sample chatbots that we have added here so you can see how these act and work. Note that these can also be configured to be embedded in content, pop-up on exit, and delayed deployment mode, and work in full page mode.

We also have options to use visual and audio elements such as AI generated lifelike human voices. These elements can also be deployed on their own without a chatbot. You can see that we are at the cutting edge of the chatbot revolution!

Once you see how these work, remember that we can design them to meet your needs. It is not that easy to create the scripts and then coordinate the flow or sequence so it all works flawlessly, but that is what we are there for. Let us worry about that techy stuff!

These are embedded in content demos so we can add in additional content around them, but they can also be added to every page of your website or can be designed to appear on certain pages. Think of adding an extra salesperson or a customer support team member working for you 24/7! This is what you get with a chatbot!

Without further ado, here are the two demos of e-commerce focused chatbots for you:



2019 03 08 1451 300x176 - Chatbot E-Commerce Focused Demos



2019 03 08 1543 300x220 - Chatbot E-Commerce Focused Demos



Do you like what you see? Then get started today with us. I have added links to the pricing and the application pages so you can check out the package you are interested in and secondly apply for your chatbot and set up an appointment chat where we will finalize everything and get your chatbot built for you!


Get started today…Four simple steps and a chat will get your chatbot deployed quickly!

Step 1…Choose Your Package




Step 2…Apply and Set Up An Appointment




Steps 3 & 4…Review/Approve The Chatbot/Pay and Deploy Your Chatbot

Once we have completed the chat with you and agree on what you need, and with a 50% down payment (nonrefundable unless there are extenuating circumstances), we will create the chatbot for you…

You will be able to check the draft chatbot we create and upon payment of the remaining 50%, we will activate the chatbot for you.

That’s it!


Follow on support and service…

Note that part of the service we provide if you select a monthly subscription plan for one or two bots is providing statistics and editing services for the chatbot on a regular basis as long as you remain a paying subscriber. If you choose to unsubscribe, your remaining credit will remain in force for the month and your chatbot will remain active during that period.

Once per month, we will send you a roll-up of the complete statistics that are collected over the month for your chatbot. You can use these to analyze performance and make any editing changes you think will improve performance.

As a monthly subscriber, you will also have the opportunity to make two minor editing changes per month to your chatbot. Quite naturally, we do not think that is needed most of the time, but there could situations where this is needed.

Note that if you want to create an entirely new chatbot with a different focus, that would require an additional chatbot agreement. if you have ANY questions about the service or pricing, or anything else, please send us a message using the chatbot or via an email.

We look forward to supporting your needs and getting YOUR website updated to the latest means to increase your business support and sales. the SMART IM Chatbot Services Team is ready to support YOU!


The SMART IM Chatbot Team