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10 Uses For Your New Chatbot

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Chatbots are here to stay and they are everywhere. All the big corporations are using them and Facebook and other major social platforms are pushing the use of them and say that much of business online will be conducted through chatbots in the coming years.

All that is interesting reading, but for the average small business owner, they are not so much interested in trends and reading that those large companies use such chatbots. They need to see the uses for their own operation. Our SMART IM Chatbot Services team can explain how they will help.

That is what we do. We work with companies in every market segment, some having a brick and mortar business and others selling products using online e-commerce stores. Virtually any type of business can benefit from using chatbots.


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How Chatbots Can Help Your Business…

Do you have to invest a huge amount of time, energy and money in training employees to handle customer support? Or maybe you handle it yourself and find it is taking up a huge portion of your day. If the answer to either question is yes, you are going to love the power that chatbots provide you.

The use of chatbots is a better way to manage customer service, get new leads, gather appointments, offer sales or coupons, and so much more. Smart computer programs which are what chatbots are can take much of the load off for you and free up huge chunks of time. They can sell 24/7, they do not need to sleep.

Chatbots are really using artificial intelligence to automate your business efforts and they will help you provide better customer engagement, greater productivity for you, and can increase your bottom line. They make sense for everyone and can be massaged to meet whatever goal that you are looking to achieve.

Let’s look at some statistics that show just how much chatbots are becoming a part of our business today. Per the  2018 State of Chatbots Report   here are some interesting trends:

  • These days 15% of Americans note that there is nothing stopping them from using a chatbot (they have adopted the use of the technology).
  • There are 15% of consumers today who have already used chatbots to communicate with businesses over the previous year (they are not only aware of the technology, they are using it).
  • According to consumers, the most common uses of chatbots for them is getting quick answers to urgent questions (37%), resolving a complaint or problem (35%), or getting detailed answers or explanations (35%). This indicates that many of the mundane tasks that we have been hiring people to take care of or doing ourselves can now be done through chatbots, and consumers do not mind this.

Truly the market for AI-powered programs such as chatbots is growing and transforming the business landscape. Every business, big or small, can tap into this transformational technology these days and do so at a very reasonable cost.

Chatbots simulate human beings and the interactions between the business owner and the customer. They can streamline and automate the process of engaging with your customers while cutting down your business costs and time load dramatically.


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10 Examples of Chatbot Applications That Make Sense

Talk is cheap, but showing is better. That is why we decided to give you some real-life examples of how chatbots can help your business. You can maintain and grow the business faster and easier using chatbots as follows:

1. Automation of Processes

Using chatbots you can faster and more accurately handle mundane tasks for the customers. Tasks such as answering their frequently asked questions (FAQs) that are repetitively asked for different customers can be handled automatically. These are tedious but important questions people have, and they have to be answered. If you are a medium-sized company, you may have one or more persons doing this right now.

You can use text-based or in some cases voice-activated chatbots and offer a fast solution to users. Chatbots by design can handle multiple tasks simultaneously without error, and do this better than a human can do it. This means that your employees are freed up to do other more important tasks, like growing the business. This energy saved can be put to use elsewhere, i.e. working on the core business activities.


2. Collection of Company Data

Using chatbots, you can collect accurate data that is readily available for analysis. This can, in turn, identify any potential or real problem area within your organization. Having access to this allows you to take corrective action quickly.

You can also use chatbots to get feedback from training programs and other areas of the business. This again can be used to further massage processes within the company to make things operate more smoothly and efficiently. This type of chatbot is gaining in acceptance and use among many businesses and considered a necessary tool for their online training, learning, and development programs for their workforce.


3. Onboarding and Follow On Training for Your Employees

Chatbots offer a unique opportunity to ease the transition of a new employee into the company. You can pass on policies, guide them to courses and sessions, and track their progress. All your training can be tracked to see who has completed it, when, and how they did.

For onboarding new employees, the chatbot is ideal. It will take them through the entire process step-by-step. There is no need to have a live person doing this, the chatbot does it for you, and tracks everything while doing so. You can see the progress every new employee is making as they go.


4. Offering Support for Multilingual and Contextual Queries

One of the powerful attributes that Chatbots have is having the intelligence to be able to comprehend and process natural languages. This is due to AI (artificial intelligence) and NLP (Natural Language Processing. Many of the chatbots have multi-language support built in and that comes in handy if you are using them in regions where different languages are spoken regularly. Thanks to advancements in AI and NLP, chatbots today are also getting intelligent enough to understand even the context of a conversation, They can identify the purpose of a customers’ query and provide the most appropriate response. This is a huge advancement for business owners.


5. Service That Is Personalized

There is something about using a customer’s name as you go through a question and answer sequence that is powerful. The user feels more comfortable, has a better experience, and at the end has a better overall impression about the process.

This is what a chatbot can provide, although there is no human on the business side of the interaction. When you give personal attention to each and every user it makes a difference. If a human is taking care of the interaction on the business side, there can be times when they are overwhelmed and not as friendly as they might normally be.

Chatbots makes every user have a great experience, 24/7 and no matter how busy it may be. They can handle multiple queries at the same time with ease, and guide each user as the question and answer process may take the conversation.

Many of the personal assistant tasks can be handled efficiently and to the satisfaction of every customer using chatbots. They can be designed to handle a variety of tasks better than those normally performed by human assistants.

Again, unlike humans, such chatbots never feel tired, they need no breaks, and they never sleep. Their service is up and running all day and every day…Using them you can schedule appointments, send out reminders to users, set up sending of emails, you can book tickets for users, and so much more.


6. Real Sounding Conversations

In the short time that chatbots have been around, it has been amazing how they have evolved into adding a real conversational tone to question and answer sequences. Some have voice-activated responses and 3-D avatars that carry this one step further.

You can set up the flow of the conversations between the chatbot and the user that are simple in form, flow seamlessly, and are relevant and engaging. They can be deployed for any industry and for any situation, as you design and create them.

They truly harness the advanced conversational capabilities with highly interactive user interfaces (UIs). Chatbots can leverage the power of machine learning for regular business transactions. They offer an excellent solution to providing a really effective user engagement mechanism that otherwise you may not be able to offer to your customers.


7. Improving Customer Satisfaction

As you gather data from the chatbots you deploy, you will find that some things work well, while others do not. You will have proof to show what is working and then you can scale that up to grow your business faster than ever. These chatbots work on auto-pilot so you will not have to adjust until needed.

This is something that really was hard to measure before the advent of chatbots. It was possible, but often the data was inaccurate or outdated by the time you analyzed it. Using chatbots this is instantly available to you, or at the least regularly.


8. E-Commerce Applications

There are a number of ways that chatbots can be deployed to help grow your e-commerce business. You can offer specials, you can add discounts, get customer feedback, get subscribers for your newsletter, and more. All this can be done using chatbots in different areas of your online store.

Chatbots can be designed to match the looks of your store, and images, videos, and audio recordings can be inserted into sequences that you design. A whole new avenue of revenue can be generated using chatbots that simply was not available in the past.


9. Booking Appointments. Meetings, and Services

This is an area where chatbots really shine for the business owner. They have a 24/7 onboarding agent right on their website that can help make appointments, set up meetings, and offer services for them. These can be designed to flow as your particular business requires, you are the creator.

If there was any question as to the power that chatbots offer a business, this capability should put that to rest. For a one-time cost you can be up and running with your chatbot, and as you see the benefits of having the chatbot, you can find other ways to leverage that power to sell more by adding in specialized chatbots.


10. Building A Subscriber List

You have heard the overused but true statement that “the money is in the list” too often I am sure. Often it can be hard to come up with new and unique ways to draw in the interest of a potential new client. This is where chatbots can definitely help you.

Add the power of the personalization to the immediacy of delivering a lead magnet or gift to a potential subscriber for a name and email, and you will find your conversions rising drastically. You can create different and new chatbots and change them out regularly to keep the interest up and get more leads.

This is one of the most powerful features that chatbots will help you with. There are many others too but this one is going to help you grow your business so much faster, and again at a one-time fee for getting it set up. Depending on your needs, you may have some ongoing costs, but these will be far less than paying for traffic.


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In Conclusion…

As you have seen, it is very clear that chatbots offer innumerable and valuable means to streamline and grow a  business. So many day-to-day tasks can be addressed to work better, faster, and more effectively with chatbots. Business owners are very positive about the use of chatbots, and it is easy to understand why.

Now we have to get them into the small and medium-sized businesses, as they work for everyone, not just the big companies out there. These will become the norm for sure so it would be good to get a jump on the pack and be ahead of the game now.

I do hope that your eyes have been opened to the possibilities that are there for your business when adding a chatbot or three to your business. The SMART IM Chatbot Services team is standing by to take care of you ASAP. Sign up for a consultation and get yours built today!

Here is the application link: CHATBOT SERVICES APPLICATION

If you would like to see some sample chatbots we have prepared for you so you get some ideas of what we caan do for you have a look here: CHATBOT DEMOS


The SMART IM Chatbot Services Team


36 thoughts on “10 Uses For Your New Chatbot

  1. Thanks for sharing this information and educative post. Through this article I have seen another measure that will help boost my business. I will keep following you to get more updates from you. I have been enlighten on the uses of chatbot. I really appreciate the brain behind this article.

    • Hi Again, Lok…

      Glad you stopped by, and when you are ready to deploy a chatbot on your website, just drop in and see what we might be able to prepare for you. Most certainly we work fast, and our customers are very happy to now with the deliverables that we provide.


      Dave :: )

  2. Chatbots do offer so many benefits and the best thing is that they are around 24/7. I think looking at your percentages, that for a lot of people, the chatbot can solve their problems. I have experienced them before and it is handy to have them there in case. In the future this is a going to be a must for businesses to use. Easier for the customer to use the chatbot to get straight to it, rather than searching through the help section, it is a win win for the person and the business. 

    • Hi, Eden…

      Yes indeed, chatbots keep getting better and better. The chatbots that we are offering are designed to address the common uses that small to medium-sized businesses normally would require. Appointments, setting up meetings, customer service, and etc, come to mind.

      Even for the businesses that are online only, the chatbots can be helpful. E-commerce stores come to mind, or training sites or even membership sites can all be boosted by adding a chatbot or a couple of chatbots. This is where our service comes in.

      We can quickly determine the best solutions once we have a requirements sheet for a company or business. Working together with the company, we build the chatbot, deploy it so they can review it, then they are provided a WordPress plugin or code to put it on their website. Very simple process.

      Most certainly the intent is for it to be a win-win for the company and their customers. When that happens, it means we are doing our job! Of course, this team only focuses on chatbots, but we also offer other services and tools in other departments. 


      Dave : )


  3. I was told  one of the ways to earn money online is to go into affiliate marketing and since I have decided to join those making money online, I have made series of research on affiliate marketing but I do not understand how it runs but reading this article has given me everything I really need to know about it, right now I know the next step to take. Thanks for sharing this information.

    • Hi, Lok…

      The chatbots are a tool that you can use to leverage the other work that you are doing to get your online business up and running. Once you have a niche, a website, content using SEO tactics, you will start getting traffic. At that point, chatbots will become useful to you.

      You can get more leads, you can offer special training or events to the traffic that pops through, and you can do this all day and all night. You do not need to be there to have this happen. Think about having a person working for you 24/7 but you are not paying the overhead.

      Thanks for popping through and leaving your feedback!


      Dave : ) 

  4. You have really got me interested in chatbots. I see them everywhere now. There have been countless times where I have typed and requested to chatbots and instantly received a message back. 

    Definitely an upgrade on having to wait on the phone.

    I also notice that chatbots are easily clickable right from the support site. They are not hidden, which makes them easy to find and get the help we need right away.

    Personalized service is way better than going through their support section which usually does not end up answering the question I need answering.

    • Hi, Jagi…

      Yes, they sure are becoming more common. At first, I only saw them on the big corporate websites and the big names. Now they are appearing everywhere. It is a more engaging way and a more personable way to interact with your customers.

      The customer service is one area they work well. There are so many other ways too that they can help your business. Offering specials, flash sales, coupons, lead magnets, etc. are other ways they can be deployed. The uses are almost limitless.

      What I also like about them is that you can track exactly what is happening with them. I mean that you will know how far in the sequence that people go, you will see how many accepted an offer, how many did not, etc. You have full statistics that you can then use to fine-tune your chatbot.


      Dave : ) 

  5. Hi! I have noted the increasing emphasis big companies have placed on chatbots. I have even had some problems solved quickly through the use of chatbots. I’m impressed on how smooth the conversation can be.

    I have my own website and would like to implement the use of chatbots to building subscriber lists and to improving customer satisfaction. Do you have any recommendations?

    • Hi, Henry…

      Yes, the big companies are all using these now, and the chatbots are getting smarter. I have seen some that have an audio voice and 3D avatars that are very realistic. This is cutting edge stuff. What we have is a chat-like bot, where you hear the sound as comments are posted and the like…

      There are several ways you could tap into the power of chatbots depending on your niche and your goals. You could have a couple and alternate between them to say get leads and perhaps promote your own product or service (or promote as an affiliate)…

      Depending on what you are prepared to pay, you could enlist a service similar to what we are offering, where we create the sequence for you, or you could go with a service like ManyChat. That platform allows you to build a chatbot using the features they have.

      There is a monthly cost plus you will have a learning curve if you do it yourself, so it is a matter of trading money for time (pay money and save time). Many business owners will prefer to focus on their business as opposed to learning yet another skill. That is where our service comes in.

      In our case, we have 3o websites, so definitely a service like ManyChat will not work, it would be far too expensive. Say we have two chatbots per websites, you can see that even at $15 a month for each, the cost would be prohibitive. 

      Most definitely chatbots can help your operations. It is like having a 24/7 customer service rep working for you. The design of the sequence is key so you get the results that you expect, but there are ways to track results too so you can adjust as required…


      Dave : )

  6. Hi there, I must really agree with you that all business owners needs a chatbox for the success of their online business. Yes u have done a very good job here listing the 10 ways it can help a business. But as a small scale business owners like myself, what’s the cost of purchasing it,? Is there not going to be a monthly subscription,? How do we manage it. These are question that I  need answers too

    • Good Day, Yormith!

      Chatbots are here to stay and I think most small businesses will be using them over the next few years. Right now it is estimated that only 5% of all businesses are using one sort or another of a chatbot, but that will change. This means there is a huge market for companies such as SMART IM Chatbot Services to help these businesses.

      You most likely would be well-served if you contracted for a one-time service for adding a chatbot, and later you could add in a monthly plan as your business starts growing. You could create these yourself as there are sites that have platforms to do it.

      The problems are that you will have a learning curve, it is not so easy to create the sequences and script for these and have the chatbot work properly as you want. The second problem us that you will also have less time for the rest of your business.

      With these do-it-yourself service platforms, you also have a hefty monthly subscription fee that grows as your business grows, much like autoresponder services. Before you know it, you have a significant amount of money going out to pay the platform.

      For these reasons and more, many business owners would rather outsource the creation and the upkeep of the chatbots and just focus on growing the business.


      Dave : ) 

  7. Great post and amazing writeup on chatbot. I recently knew what a chatbot is and I must say you explained it better than I have read elsewhere. I’m really impressed by the functions of these chatbot and what they are capable of. I’m gonna keep a tab on this site to get more interesting posts like this in the future. 

    • Good Day, Ayodeji…

      Thanks for the positive comments. Please do check back in as we grow the content and more information on the ways that chatbots can help every business, whether an online one person operation or a small to medium-sized company that has a combination of on and offline operations,

      Our SMART IM Chatbots team stands by to help anyone that contacts us and based on the business we already have in place, we are confident that the service we are offering is going to be more than what they expect. We are going to be publishing some in-depth success stories here as well, stay tuned!


      Dave : )

  8. Thanks for taking the time to write this informative piece on chat bot. like you rightly said, a lot of big organizations are already taking advantage of the benefits Chat bot offers their businesses. I have heard of chat bot but don’t understand how it can help my business. your write up has provided the perfect answer to that concern. I’m impressed with the numerous ways you listed I can use chat bot. would definitely give it a trial. Great piece 

    • Good Day, Tolu…

      I am glad you got some value out of the post, it most certainly was intended to inform online marketers about the opportunities that chatbots offer to help support and grow their business faster. Our SMART IM Chatbot team is standing by to help as many people as we can gather…

      Cheers and stop by again for updates as we kick this service off, and have a look at out other SMART IM Tools that we are rolling out over on and elsewhere. We have a launch schedule that is quite exciting, the SMART IM Chatbot Service is just one!


      Dave : )  

  9. Hello Admin, Chatbots has really come to stay in online world. Most of the sites I visits do have chatbots that easily chats me up to know how they might be of help. The use of Artificial intelligence in chatbots makes it to be quite reliable as they function perfectly and hardly get fatigued like humans. It is interesting to know that you guys are into smart chatbot services.Chatbots’ benefits are indeed endless, from your well detailed post, a potential user can easily read through the numerous benefits without needing further research.I quite agree with you that chatbots offer valuable means of streamlining and growing one’s business. Your post is quite an educative one.

    • Hi, Grace…

      Yes, indeed chatbots are here to stay. At one point not that long ago, they were a novelty and as the AI has improved, so has the versatility you can add to the chatbot (i.e. audio, avatars, green screen presenters, etc.) and who knows what is next.

      This is why we as a company are excited to get involved with the chatbot business. So far, the outpouring of support and appreciation for our services and chatbots has been overwhelming. There is a huge number of potential clients, and we will take care of as many as possible!


      Dave : )  

  10. Thank you for sharing this great informational article about Chatbots. You have written lots of helpful article which encouraged lots of people about affliate marketing. You have really got me interested in chatbots. I have my own website and would like to implement the use of chatbots to building subscriber lists and to improving customer satisfaction. I will share this article with my friends.

    • Good Day, Usman…

      First of all, thanks for stopping by. We have just opened the business for outside clients, and the article is intended to open the eyes of the people that stop by so they can see what the potential may be when adding a chatbot on their websites.

      I have seen the power of chatbots from a user perspective, and also from the owner’s side of the tool. I can testify that it will help increase customer satisfaction when used as a front agent, and it also can work to sell more products and services.


      Dave : )

  11. Hi Admin,

    I have read your article of 10 uses for your new chatbot, and i found it very useful. Thanks for sharing this information and educative post. You have really got me interested in chatbots. I noticed that chatbots are easy to use, Chatbots do offer so many benefits. I will keep following you to get more updates from you. 

    • Hello, Tawhid…

      Although not indicated, I do have a name (Dave) hehe…A chatbot most definitely is useful and being used more and more. They will also continue to be refined as the artificial intelligence improves and more uses are found for them for marketing.

      They also have so many other uses in the business world, internally as well as for taking care of the customers or prospective customers. This is an exciting service to be able to offer to businesses and the SMART IM Chatbot Service will be at the front in the standard of service we provide!


      Dave : ) 

  12. Thanks for sharing this article on chat box. I must say that every online business man should ensure they this chat box as it make their business easy. I have been looking and searching over the net to find an app like this that will make connections with customers and clients grow. You are doing a great job. 

    • Hi, Achievers…

      Thanks for the positive comments and I am very excited to get this new service out to the public. Due to the nature of  online business, we can help clients all over the globe. Of course, the SMART IM Chatbots are also top quality and will help the businesses we work with in scaling up their business.


      Dave : )

  13. Everything good should be done properly and I think chat bots are good as it will help out in running a smooth and efficient business online. There are benefits I see in using chat bots and it will equally reduce the stress of attending to every customer manually and at the same time, save you so much time. 

    • Hi, Kenechi…

      Yes, indeed, using chatbots can give you a leg up on the competition and also get you more business and happier customers. This is the angles we took when deciding on a platform to work with as we create out own chatbots and ones for our clients.

      These are not the only thing you need to do to start growing your online business by any means, but it can be a vital tool to help you grow faster and enable you to scale up the business a lot quicker. This is the focus of all our SMART IM Tools, and this is the focus of our SMART IM Chatbot Services as well…


      Dave : )

  14. Hi

    I have read your whole article about chatbots.This is really an amazing article.Chatbots is an automated system.This is a better way to manage customers.It will be very much helpful for affiliate marketer.Chatbots are the artificial intelligent because they give better customer engagement and greater productivity.They can work 24\7.Really I am very much impressed on this.I am going to share it with my friends and relatives so that they can take the benefits from this.Thanks a lot for this informative article.

    • Hi, Shakil…

      Glad you enjoyed the article and found it useful. We really think that chatbots can help almost every business in a number of ways. That is why we are so excited to offer this new service we have opened to the public on a national and international scale.

      The article ties into this service by showing what the possibilities are when using chatbots, and we can provide the vehicle (our service) for businesses to start adding these to their websites. It is interesting to note that we can even create chatbots for business owners who may not have a website.

      Please do stop in again, as we are constantly adding to our chatbot portfolio and you can see new ways to leverage this powerful tool for your business.


      Dave : )

  15. Smart chatbots rely on artificial intelligence when they communicate with users. Instead of pre prepared answers, the robot responds with adequate suggestions on the topic.

     In addition, all the words said by the customers are recorded for later processing. However, the Forrester report“The State of Chatbots” points out that artificial intelligence is not a magic and is not yet ready to produce marvelous experiences for users on its own.

    • Hi, Mustapha…

      Most certainly the chatbots have come a long way and still have a long way to go. They are at a stage when they are effective and useful however and many website owners are experiencing increased engagement, a better user experience, getting more leads, and more sales as well.

      Customer service support is improved and speeded up using them, internally they help move things along within organizations, and they are a great way to get sales and coupons to people immediately without a live conversation with customers.

      Most certainly it is not magic, but it is producing fantastic results for businesses that implement them correctly. That is why it may be better to go through an agency to get a professional assessment of what the needs are and how the chatbot can best serve those needs.

      Often I see chatbots that people are creating themselves on ManyChat or ChatFuel, and the scripts and the sequences (flow) just doesn’t work well. This means that rather than helping the website visitor, they are actually irritating the visitor. That is not the intent.

      It really comes down to planning after determining what it is that you are trying to accomplish and making sure that the chatbot meshes well with your overall marketing and customer support strategy happens to be. That is where the SMART Chatbot Service team comes in. We help the client get through this and at the end of the day, the client has something that is helping their operations.


      Dave : )

  16. Thanks for letting know the usefulness of chatbox and how it can help boost my company and online business. I never knew it could be this helpful for feedbacks and customer care service. I am confident and very clear that chatbots offer innumerable and valuable means to streamline and grow a  business just as you said in your post. And I realise that so many day-to-day tasks can be addressed to work better, faster, and more effectively with chatbots. Thanks

    • Hi, Salim…

      Glad that you found the post useful and I do think that chatbots are here to stay. They are so helpful in many areas of business, as you mention, and our clients keep coming up with new uses that they are having us build for them. We are also keeping our ear to the ground for any innovation that may be coming too.

      One way that the SMART IM Chatbot Team is staying ahead of the game is by adding in the latest features and tools that we can get our hands on. The clients will benefit, of course, and that is what it is all about. Making sure that they have what they need.


      Dave : )

  17. I want to commend you for taking out time to write this article. I find chatbot interesting seen that it’s really going to boost business, because  Chatbots are installed with the motive to speed-up the response and improve customer interaction. However, due to limited data-availability and time required for self-updating, this process appears more time-taking and expensive, so I will want to know if there is a way to mitigate its disadvantages or ways to go about it

    • Hello, Barry…

      Thanks for the positive words and thoughts. I am convinced that these chatbots are the future when it comes to selling and support. The AI behind them is getting smarter and more intuitive, and more human-like in how they interact with people.

      Some of the most advanced bots can outperform humans in some situation already, and I see this trend continuing. This is a good thing and a bad thing in some ways. It is a fact that they will be replacing people for many jobs and already are right now.

      On the other hand, the jobs they are doing that humans no longer have to do open the door for other tasks and jobs that person can be doing. On a massive scale, it can be problems as thousands and hundreds of thousands of jobs go to the bots.

      In our small world and market segment, it will help you do more with just a small investment. More engagement, more customer service, more time on site, and more chance to sell something to the people that are for the most part enjoying the novelty and experience of interacting with your chatbot.

      There is a segment of people that absolutely hate chatbots too, for whatever reason. They see them as bothersome, irritating, and distracting to whatever it is that they may be trying to do. This is a valid concern, so teh solution is to make them as painless as possible.


      Dave : ) 

  18. interesting; I often had a chat robot, but I did not know there were any programs for that; I will keep this post and when I’m ready and I will have enough clients I will definitely use the services to create a personalized chatbots for my niche;is very useful because it works 24/7 and with globalization has become a very useful tool given the time difference; thanks for sharing

    • Hi, Carmen…

      Yes indeed, the big companies are paying top dollar for theirs, and now the SMART IM Chatbot Services is bringing that power to the masses. There are just so many ways to use them within your online business that it is like getting an extra employee (or more) when you crank them up.

      I know there are some people that are reluctant to interact with them and find them bothersome, but they will still be here in 2 years, 5 years, and longer. The reason that is the case is that they work. People like to interact with these most of the time (there are exceptions to this, of course).

       When you are ready, you can either take the time and trouble to create your own scripts and flows (sequences) or get it done by the SMART IM Chatbot Services team. They are working hard right now on orders across a wide spectrum of market niches. It is all quite exciting!


      Dave : )

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